China Glaze Ever Glaze Extended Wear Nail Polish

I have recently been trying out the Ever Glaze Extended Wear Nail Polish* from China Glaze and I have to say that I have been impressed with it so far.  I am currently wearing the neon pink Will You Be Mine (which is much brighter than the photo below shows) and aside from absolutely loving the colour which is perfect for summer,  I have been very happy with it in other ways.  

First of all it only takes 2 coats for full coverage, with absolutely no streaks and it dries really quickly, which is really important to me as I often find that I can’t sit still long enough to let my nail polish dry properly and inevitably end up smearing at least 1 nail.  It also stays chip free for a good number of days.  The ends of my nails are quite weak and flake all the time, so I usually find most nail polishes chip quite badly even on the first day.  Aside from a few very minor chips, this polish has held up very well on my nails and any chips can be covered very quickly with a new coat of polish.  Considering, on the first day of wearing the polish I went to the gym, went horse riding and then showered and washed my hair, I would say that’s a challenge for any nail polish and this one more than met that challenge.
China Glaze Ever Glaze Extended Wear Nail Polish

I have also tried the lovely dark silver with glitter called My Slate which again only required 2 coats and dried quickly.  I should point out that I didn’t bother with a top coat on these polishes, as I wanted to test them out to the max.  The wine coloured I'm Not Bordeaux requires 2 coats and dried really quickly.  I usually have problems applying dark colours, but the shorter brush means that I can apply this polish easily. The dark purple is called Fig-Ure It Out, and also only requires 2 coats for full coverage and has a high shine even without a top coat.
China Glaze Ever Glaze Extended Wear Nail Polish
You can buy the Ever Glaze nail polishes from Sally Express and they are £8.99 (currently on a 3 for 2 offer).  One point to note, is that the brush is shorter than a lot of the brushes on other polishes which I thought would make it difficult to apply the polish, but I actually found the brush easy to control as it was a little stiffer than the longer brushes.

The Ever Glaze range is a cross between a lacquer and gel, that gives gel like results without the hassle of curing and removing the polish (this polish is easy to remove using acetone or non-acetone based remover).  The polish can deliver up to 10 days of gel-like shine (with the use of the Active Top Coat which I haven’t tried).  I have to say that it’s unlikely that the polish would last 10 days on my nails, due to the condition of my nails and also the level of activity that they would be put through, but I never keep polish on for more than 5 days at a time anyway, so that’s not an issue for me.  There are loads of colours and finishes to  choose from at a reasonable price, so I am very happy to add China Glaze Ever Glaze Extended Wear Nail Polish to my collection.


*I was sent these products to review but the opinions are my own


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