Kiehl's Skincare Products

I recently participated in a #Kiehlsblogs twitter chat. It was great discussing my skin issues with Kiehl's providing recommendations about which products would be suitable for my skin.  At the end of the chat I was given the chance to have some Kiehl's products sent to me to try out which had been picked based on my answers to questions about my skin that had been asked throughout the chat.  I thought this was really great as they asked relevant questions throughout the chat and gave recommendations, but I certainly wasn't expecting them to give me a chance to try out some of the products.

I've always been a fan of Kiehl's and I do love their product range so getting the chance to try these products was great.

These are the products I received.
Kiehl's Skincare Products
Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate* - This is a night treatment which visibly reduces puffiness and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. You just dispense 2 drops of the eye treatment onto your fingertips and gently pat under your eyes and along the orbital bone.  I really like Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate, it's easy to apply and sinks in really quickly. It's a very light cream and it's easy to get the right amount of product dispensed so that you don't waste any of it.  It also has a nice light fragrance. I have quite puffy skin under my eyes so this is a great product that works overnight and helps minimise the puffiness.  It costs £25.50 for 15ml and is paraben free, fragrance free & mineral oil free. 
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate
Ultra Facial Moisturizer* - This is a facial moisturiser that can be used daily to moisturise and hydrate your skin. It doesn't have an SPF (although there is a version of this moisturiser with SPF included).  It's a lightweight cream which sinks into my skin quickly and doesn't leave it greasy.  I don't have any dry areas when I use this moisturiser and it keeps my skin moisturised all day.  I really like this moisturiser, it's a great addition to my skincare routine.  It comes in 3 different sizes costing between £15.50 - £34.

Lip Balm #1* - I love this lip balm, it's one of my favourites as it helps protect and soothe dry lips.  You apply it liberally to lips and let it work its magic.  It really makes my lips soft and smooth which is great as especially in cold weather my lips do get really dry, so this is a great product to pop into my handbag to apply regularly.  This product costs £9.50 for 15mls.

Daily Reviving Concentrate* - This was an interesting product as it needs to be used after serum and before moisturiser, so I was interested to find out if this extra step to my regime was worthwhile.  It's a lightweight facial oil and you only need 2 - 3 drops to massage onto your face to perk up your skin.   It literally takes 15 seconds to apply this to your face and massage it into your skin, so it's well worth adding into your morning routine.  It smells absolutely gorgeous as well.  This product costs £37 for 30ml.  It's paraben free, 100% natural origin & mineral oil free. 
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate
I have really enjoyed using these Kiehl's skincare products and will definitely keep using them in my daily skincare routine.

I love that Kiehl's has a Recycle and Be Rewarded Programme where you can return your empty products and receive free products.  You collect stamps for each empty bottle you return and receive a free lip balm with 3 stamps, a free 250ml product with 5 more stamps and another 250ml product with 5 more stamps.

What Kiehl's products do you love?


*I was sent these product to review but the opinions are my own


  1. Yes they are all really good products. Im very impressed with them


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