Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray Review

I have very fair skin, especially on my body and never really get a tan even after 3 weeks in Florida (using SPF30 - 50 I might add), so I am always looking for self tanning products that are easy and foolproof to use whilst giving natural results. I was recently sent Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray* to try out, so I couldn't wait to give it a go.  I generally use gradual tanning moisturisers as I have dry skin, but I have to say that I am usually left disappointed by the subtle tan left behind.  I have never tried an instant tan spray that washes off, so couldn't wait to see the results.
Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray Review
The directions for use are to spray 35.6 cm (14") away from your skin and spray in long even strokes. Before dressing, gently buff with a towel.  I have to admit I was a bit heavy handed with the spray at first and it was way too dark for me, but I rubbed it into my skin a little (using the disposable gloves that came in the box) and I ended up with a lovely golden bronze tan, that definitely wasn't streaky or orange. You definitely need help from a friend to spray your back, legs and bum (if you want an all over tan).

I am quite a messy person, but I didn't spray the walls or anything like that and it didn't leave marks on anything that I lent against.  It didn't rub off on my clothes either, although I admit that I favour dark clothes anyway, so it would be hard to notice if it did.  I didn't use it on my face, although this product is for face and body.  I just prefer to use a powder bronzer on my face to give me a sunkissed look.  I think that's a good word for the results that this product gives - sunkissed.  Just be careful not to spray too close to your skin, or you will move from sunkissed to overdone in seconds.

I like this product because I achieved a tan on my legs in less than a minute, so it's pretty effortless.  Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray is £13.50 for 120ml.


*I was sent this product to review but the opinions are my own


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