Christmas Is Coming Part 2 - Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic

Whoops I've done it again as the classic Britney Spears song goes.  Yes this is my 2nd beauty advent calendar purchase and it's a biggy, but it had to be done. The Charlotte Tilbury Book of Makeup Magic costs £150 and it's still available on Charlotte Tilburys website here.
Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic
It contains 12 mini and full size products and is a mixture of makeup and skincare. The reason that I bought this is because it's a great opportunity to try out a range of Charlotte Tilbury products without paying the cost of the full size products.  You can find a list of the contents here (I won't list them as I don't want to spoil it for anyone).  One of the products contained in this most luxurious of beauty calendars is the yet to be released Magic Night Cream which means that you get to try out a product that is not yet available to buy.
Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic
I love how each product is stored in a box rather than behind a door that you need to tear open as this means that the box will not get damaged and you can use it to store the products in if you want to.  I have to admit that I have already opened all of the boxes as there is no way that I am going to wait until December to try out all these wonderful products.  

There is only 1 makeup item that I won't use as it's totally not my colour, but I will just gift that to my sister who I know will love it.


I bought this with my own money.


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