The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray Review

Gin & Tonic is the 2nd scent that I have tried from The Library of Fragrance. You can read my review of Sunshine here.  I really love this clean, fresh & crisp fragrance. It's the perfect scent for a cold winter day. It's a light, cool citrus fragrance that gives you a wonderful wake up call when you spray it on every morning. I would say this is unisex as it's not sweet or floral. 
The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray Review
I have no idea if it's anything like a real gin & tonic, but if this scent is anything to go by I think I will have to give the drink a try. Overall Gin & Tonic is a lovely fresh fragrance that I wear on a daily basis. I have had so many compliments since I first started using Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray.

The Library of Fragrance colognes can be layered to create unique fragrances and you can find out more about which scents to layer with Gin & Tonic on their website. They cost £15 for 30ml and Boots are currently doing an offer of 2 for £25.

I really want to try Christmas in New York next.


I bought this with my own money as part of a You Beauty Discovery Box.


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