Real Techniques Brushes - Bargains at Asda

I was in Asda doing a late night shop yesterday and I walked down the beauty aisle just to check out if there were any bargains to be had.  I happened to notice some Real Techniques brushes on a stand and had a quick look and was amazed at the prices.  I picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection containing a detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush.  This cost £11.57 (in Boots this retails for £21.99).  I also picked up the Expert Face Brush for £4.96 (this brush costs £9.99 in Boots). 

I have been meaning to pick up the Core Collection for a while, but could never justify spending over £20 for brushes that I don't really need, but for £12 I just could not resist.  I already have the face brush, but I really like it so I thought it was well worth picking up another one.  In the past I put my foundation on with my fingers, but found that I was always left with the foundation highlighting the dry patches on my skin. The face brush makes it really easy to apply my foundation and leaves me with a flawless finish, so I highly recommend it. 
As well as the Core Collection, Asda were also selling the blush brush, the stippling brush and an eye shadow brush.  These brushes were all between £5 and £6.50.

I can't wait to try the Core Collection, and I will write a review once I have used them.  I also want to buy the new make up sponge from Real Techniques, but unfortunately, Asda did not sell this item, so I will pick it up next time I am in Boots.


  1. Wow, great prices, thanks for posting about it, I don't live near an asda but will try and get to one now :)
    Angela x

  2. Great deal and the brushes sounds very good!

  3. wow thats a great deal! lucky you are asda is only tiny so dont think we would ever see these xx

  4. I'm so glad Asda deliver to my new house! Woo!


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