Marc Jacobs Beauty Nail Polish Giveaway

Here's my 2nd giveaway and I am really excited that the prize is a Marc Jacobs nail polish as they are not available in the UK yet. I bought this in Sephora when I was in Los Angeles (see my Marc Jacobs haul post here). The polish that I am giving away is called Jezebel (loving this name) and is a gorgeous deep red colour. 

This is the actual polish but the top picture reflects the colour better.

For your chance to win, just enter via Rafflecopter below. To enter, please follow me on Bloglovin and leave me your email address. The other entries are all optional. 

Unfortunately, because the giveaway prize is a nail polish, I am unable to accept international entries.  This giveaway is only for people with a UK address.   I will do another giveaway in the New Year which will be open to international entrants. 

Good luck everyone.



  1. It really doesn't matter to me if I get some sort of beauty product for Christmas, as long as the hubby gives me something nice!

  2. Wow I always wanted to be a Jezebal.........

  3. I would love Si by giorgio armani <3 but a girl can only dream

  4. Thats a great choice Grace it would be on my wishlist as well :)

  5. Thank you for such a great giveaway lovely :) I would love some MAC Products as I have never tried anything of theirs before but I don't really mind I love having surprises!

    Gemma xx

  6. MAC products are always on my wishlist Gemma I cant resist them :)

  7. I really want some real techniques eye brushes!
    abi from a little dust

  8. Great choice Abi I love Real Techniques brushes and just bought the core collection.

  9. A compact foundation that isn't greasy and rubs on well. Can't find one anywhere! Counting on Santa ;) x


  10. Fab giveaway I never knew Marc Jocobs did make up.

  11. This colour looks fab, have wanted to try Marc Jacobs make-up since its release! Amazing giveaway lovely xx

  12. beautiful, i never even knew marc jacobs did a nail polish, well done hun xxxx


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