Glamour Magazine Nails Inc Freebies and The Body Shop Joy Cards

I couldn't resist buying Decembers Glamour magazine when I found out that there were free Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polishes in 4 gorgeous colours and The Body Shop Joy cards worth at least £3, especially as the magazine only costs £2.  Ok, its not technically free as although I would normally buy 1 Glamour magazine I wouldn't buy 4, but its a free Nails Inc polish for goodness sake (which normally costs £11),  I cant be expected to resist that surely.  So yes, I did buy 4 magazines to get the 4 colours and I also got 4 £3 Joy cards to use in The Body Shop.  So all in all I felt like it was worth getting them.  The nail polish colours are fab and will be great to use for Christmas nights out.

The colours are:
Big Apple Red - A great bold bright red
Uptown Glamour - A gorgeous metallic gold shimmer
Soho Silver - A lovely metallic silver shimmer
New York Noir - A dark black (I am impressed with this as it applies nicely in just 1 coat)

I love the names and the colours so I cant wait to try them all.

I also got 4 £3 Joy cards to use at The Body Shop.  I wish I was one of the lucky ones to get one of the higher valued cards but hey £3 isn't bad.  I bought the items below with my vouchers and some cash (there were plenty of items that cost £3 or less, so you wouldn't have to spend any money at all, but these are the ones I wanted to try out).

Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry/Flaky Scalps - 250ml - £4.50 (this cost me £1.50 after using the voucher).  This really soothes my scalp as I do sometimes suffer from a dry scalp.

Moringa Shower Gel - a Soap Free Cleanser with Moringa extract - 250ml - £4 (this cost me £1 after using the voucher).

Rainforest Moisture - Hair Butter for Dry Hair - 50ml - £3 (this was free after using the voucher) 

Facial Massager - £6 (this cost me £3 after using the voucher).  I saw this on Caroline Hirons Beauty Mouth Blog here and was intrigued about this so thought I would try it out.  

I bought all the above for £5.50 when it should have cost £17.50 so I am pleased with that.

Just a quick reminder my Marc Jacobs Nail Polish giveaway is still open.  Check it out here.



  1. Also got this months Glamour and the freebies! Such a good deal.

  2. yeh it was a pretty good deal for those lovely polishes!!you got four for less than the cost of one polish!:)bargain!x


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