Superdrug Bargain Haul - Nails and Lashes

I am always on the lookout for bargains, so I was pleased to come across some great items in Superdrug recently that were on sale for bargain prices.
Elegant Touch Frosted Fancy nails

I bought the Elegant Touch Frosted Fancy nails for 99p each and they had an offer of buy one get one half price so they were even more of a bargain.   They are a lovely turquoise colour with frosted edging in a stiletto shape.  Imagine if you were Elsa from Frozen these would be the perfect nails for you.  
Eylure Enchanted Devine Crime lashes

The Eylure Enchanted Divine Crime lashes were 59p each which was an absolute steel.  These are lovely long lashes which add plenty of volume.  I think these are about £6 normally although they are limited edition.

You do need to look carefully for these offers are they aren't on the clearance shelf, they are just with the standard priced nails and lashes and they don't even advertise them as reduced so make sure you look carefully as they are worth picking up for these prices.

Have you bought any bargain items recently?


I bought these products with my own money


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