Primark Haul April

Wow I don't do a Primark Haul for ages and then like buses they all come at once.  Here is another Primark Haul.  Honestly I was just killing time before meeting my sister but there are just so many items in Primark that you didn't know you needed until you start looking around.
Primark Haul
I absolutely needed to buy these trainer socks.  Oliver & Company is my favourite Disney animated film and I have never seen any merchandise before and these socks were just so cute and only £2.50 for 3 pairs.    I also bought the Pepsi socks as it's my favourite drink so I bought these just cause I could.  Again only £2.50 for 3 pairs.
Primark Haul
OMG these are so fab the old school sweet socks with Refreshers, Wham and Fruit Salad and lolly socks with Feast, Calippo and Twister.  So retro. They should have included Fab as that would have fit right in.  These were both £3 for 3 pairs.
Primark Haul
As with most things at Primark I wasn't thinking of buying these but when I saw them I realised I needed them.  The Pineapple Ice Packs were £2 for 3 and tbh I am taking my own lunch in to work at the moment so these will come in handy to keep it cool.  The Push Pop Moulds were £3.50 for 4.  I can't wait to use them when the better weather comes back.
Primark Haul
Finally for this haul anyway I got a few things for the house.  The Pink Lemonade Reed Diffuser for £3 and a mini one for £1.50, which smell gorgeous and will be great for around the house as I am painting the hallway at the moment and I hate the smell of paint.  I also got the Azure Blues Room Sachet for £1.50 as the smell reminds me of the ocean.

Honestly I just can't resist a good bargain when I look around Primark.  I love so much in there at the moment, especially their Disney Range.  I am going to purchase more from this range as it will be excellent to take on holiday, especially if I go back to Orlando next year.  It's way cheaper then buying at the Disney Parks and honestly I do think the quality is excellent on most of their Disney product range.

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I bought these products with my own money


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