Footner CoolActive Masssager & Nailner Treat & Colour Review

I was recently sent the Footner CoolActive Massager* to review.  This came at the right time as I have quite a few aches and pains in my feet at the moment, so I was looking forward to trying it out, especially with the unusually hot days we have been having this Spring. 
Footner CoolActive Masssager
The Footner CoolActive Massager is a roller ball massager with a cool foam that comes out of the massager when you press the roller ball down.  You massage each foot for at least 2 minutes, pressing down for more foam as you need it. 
Footner CoolActive Masssager
This is great for when I've been at work all day or after I've been out for a long walk on an evening.  It cools down my feet and the massage is really nice and relaxing, so it's a lovely way to wind down in the evening.  I also have pains in one of my heels at the moment and it really helps make my heel feel more comfortable when I massage it with this product.

The Footner CoolActive Massager is currently £24.99 and is available at Boots. It provides up to 90 applications.

I also received the Nailner Treat and Colour* to try out as well.
Nailner Treat and Colour
This is a treatment developed for nails that are suffering from nail fungus.  The Nailner Repair Brush treats the fungus and the Nailner Breathable Polish covers the infected nail so you can still wear open toe sandals. 
Nailner Treat & Colour
It's easy to apply the treatment all over the infected nail and then use the dusky pink nail polish to hide the infection.  The nail polish has been designed to be breathable so that it doesn't lock up the infection and provides the best conditions for clearing up the infection.  I've used the nail polish and it applies really well and is long lasting.

The Nailner Treat and Colour is £29.99 and is available at Boots.


*I received these products free to review but the opinions are my own


  1. The footner product sounds really interesting, I've never heard of it before.


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