Challenges for 2017 - Update

I am setting myself monthly challenges for 2017 and I just wanted to post about my progress so far.  You can read my last update here.  So far I have completed 3 challenges and I've set myself 2 more.

Challenge 3 - Completed
This challenge was to wear all of the jewellery that I own (obviously not at the same time).  I have so much jewellery, but I rarely make the effort to wear any of it, so I decided that I would wear every piece at least once.  Basically, once I had worn a piece of jewellery, I would place it into a separate drawer, that way I would always know which pieces I still had to wear.  This worked perfectly and now that I have worn everything. I am in the process of wearing it all again and gradually putting it back in the correct place.  It was a also a great way to declutter some of the pieces that I no longer liked.
This is the majority of my necklace collection
This is just a small part of my ring and bracelet collection
Challenge 4
This challenge is to read 10 books in my collection.  Whenever I go into charity shops I inevitably buy some paperback books, even though I have shelves full at home, so I am challenging myself to read at least 10 books this year.  I don't expect to be able to complete this challenge within a month as I am not a speed reader and I don't have a lot of spare time, so as long as I complete this by the end of the year I will be happy. 

Challenge 5
Since challenge 4 is not going to be completed for the next few months, I also want to tell you what challenge 5 is going to be.  Staying on the theme of challenge 3, I am going to make the effort to use every bag that I own at least once.  I'm not even sure how many bags I own, but I know it is too many, so I just want to use them at least once to work out if I still want to keep them all.

Let me know if you are setting yourself some challenges for 2017.



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