Pound Shop Haul

I popped into a couple of pound shops on Saturday at Crown Point in Leeds and picked up some pretty nice bargains.

First of all I picked up some Dainty Doll eyeshadows and an eye base.  There were quite a few colours available and helpfully, the shop had put a sticker on each bag with the colour on it.  I passed on the yellow and blue which I think will be a bit too vibrant for me and went with the orange and brown colours.  Teach Me Tiger is a burnt orange colour which is also shimmery. When swatched it looks very similar to Nars Orgasm Blush, just a bit more pigmented.  Are You Experienced is a matte brown colour and is very pigmented.  I think this will work well as a crease shade or lining the eye.  The eyeshadow base is very pale as you would expect from this range and needs blending in quite a bit before it disappears into the skin, but I have tried it under both shadows and it works a treat.  My eyelids are quite oily and eyeshadow tends to slip quite badly, but these shadows stayed in place very well.
Heres a swatch of the shadows:
I think these were great purchases for £1 and I should add that because Teach Me Tiger looks so much like Nars Orgasm, I tried it as a blush and it works really well, so I think I will probably use it as a blush more than an eyeshadow.  Its very similar to Orgasm, just a smidge darker.
I also picked up a couple of Rimmel Glam Eyes HD in 004 Green Park and 007 Heart of Gold.  I remember wanting to buy these shadows when they cost £6.99 as I just love the look of them, so I am really happy to pick them up now so cheaply.  I haven't swatched them yet as I love the pattern too much to spoil it straight away. The shadows have a variety of beige and green colours so I can't wait to try them out.
Finally, I picked up 2 limited edition matte false nails by elegant touch in purple and orange colours.  Great for summer.
All in all some great purchases and all for £7.


  1. Great bargains, I have the Teach Me Tiger and never thought of using it as a blush, thanks for the tip! :-) x x

  2. Thanks for the comment Stephanie :)


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