My Sample Collection

I am an avid sample collector.  Be they in magazines, in beauty boxes or in stores.   I also apply for all the freebies that I come across on facebook and company websites.  I always keep them and store them away as I am sure they will come in handy at some point.  Plus its always great to be able to try a product out before you buy.  Up to this point I have stored the samples in various boxes and containers, in loads of different places, but I thought I would collect them all together and see what I've got.  Well heres the result!

I didn't count them, but they filled a Lush Bath Bomb tin to overflowing.  I am definitely going to make more of an effort to use them all up as I don't want them to go to waste.  There are samples from brands such as Kiehls, Benefit and Chanel in there, so I can't wait to use them.   Heres the samples that I used up in June:

2x Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment - Would buy again (WBA), great to use in the shower and left my hair feeling soft and detangled.
2x Rimmel BB Cream (light) - I definitely WBA as its a really good shade for my skin tone and moisturises my dry skin.  I don't think I would have bought this without trying the sample out first.
4x Garnier Moisture Match (normal and normal to dry) - I WBA as they were both very moisturising
Loreal Revitalift 10 Repair BB Cream (Medium) - WBA as again its very moisturising.  This is great for summer when I have more of a tan, but I would definitely try the light shade for winter.
Loreal Nude Magique (Medium) - Would Not Buy Again (WNBA) - too dark for me.
Origins Plantscription SPF25 Anti Aging Cream - WNBA - nothing special.
Vichy Idealia Pro Deep Corrector - I would need to use this more to see if it works, so probably WNBA.
Elvive Extraordinary Oil - Would Maybe Buy Again (WMBA) if on offer, no different from other hair oils.
Pantene 2min Colour Damage Rescue Masque - WBA
Nivea Express Hydration Primer - WNBA as this didn't do anything for my skin
3 samples from Living Nature - cleanser, toning gel & day cream.  Very small samples so couldn't tell if they worked, but they seemed to have dried up and gone off before I opened them anyway so WNBA
L'Occitane Divine Cream - very nice and rich cream - WMBA
Moa The Green Balm - great for really dry sensitive skin. WBA
Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 - this was a nice cream, but WNBA as probably too expensive.  I got this in a sun product sample set from Sephora last year.
Thats 21 samples used up which is great.  Hopefully I will have used most of the samples up by the end of the year.  I will keep you posted.



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