Bargain Real Techniques Brushes from TK Maxx

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that TK Maxx are selling some Real Techniques brushes at bargain prices. Here's what I picked up:
Real Techniques Brushes from TK Maxx
PowderBleu Collection Soft Complexion Brush & Soft Finishing Brush - £5.99. I was so pleased to get my hands on these as I really wanted to try out some brushes from this collection. I think these brushes originally retailed at over £24.99.
Real Techniques TK Maxx
I also picked up the Bold Metals Collection Tapered Shadow brush for £4.99 and the MultiTech Collection Point XL brush for full face application and blending for £5.99 both originally retailed at £14.99 .

Finally, I also bought the Brush Crush Diamond Sponge for £3.99 (originally retailed at £12.99).

Really happy with my purchases and these additions to my brush and sponge collection. It's always worth popping into TK Maxx to see what bargains they have in store (I managed to pick up some Chanel nail polishes for £7.99 not long ago (check out my post here). If you can't find the brushes available in your local store, then check online.


I bought these products with my own money


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