Aldi Lacura Booty Balm v Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I am a big fan of the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream as it smells divine and leaves my skin feeling silky soft and hydrated, but it's not cheap at £44 for 220ml (it is also available in a travel size pot of 75ml which costs £18), so when I saw that Aldi was selling a dupe called Lacura Booty Balm Body Cream for £6.99 I had to give it a go. I know that some people don't like the idea of brands making cheaper dupes of other companies most popular products, but honestly I am ok with it. First of all, because I usually buy the high end version first and then test out the cheaper version at a later date and also because sometimes you just can't afford the expense and still feel like treating yourself. For instance the Jo Malone fragrance dupes from Primark are a nice cheap alternative. I have a fair few Jo Malone perfumes which cost almost £50 a pop, but they are a special treat. On the other hand when I am browsing around Primark, it's so easy to grab a few of the fragrance dupes that I don't own as they only cost £3 - £8 which won't break the bank.
Aldi Lacura Booty Balm v Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Anyway, back to the battle of the booty/bum bum creams. How do they actually compare?
Aldi Lacura Booty Balm v Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
The bum bum cream smells aammayyzzing. Creamy, exotic, rich, basically hot summer nights in body cream form. The fragrance sticks around on your skin for a while as well. On the other hand the booty balm does not have such a strong fragrance, it smells slightly floral and disappears on the skin pretty quickly. It does not evoke hot summer nights on a Rio beach. Winner - definitely the bum bum cream by a big margin.

The bum bum cream is thick and creamy and luxurious, although it does rub easily into the skin. The booty balm is pretty similar, but not quite as thick and again rubs easily into the skin. Winner - the bum bum cream just looks a little bit more luxurious and creamy.

The bum bum cream is a darkish cream colour and the booty balm is a lighter cream colour. Winner - they both look good, no clear winner here.

Application and absorption rate
The bum bum cream applies really easily and sinks into the skin very quickly. My skin instantly feels softer, but there is no grease left on the surface. I can put my clothes on straight away. The booty balm applies well and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but it just leaves a slightly greasy residue behind, although not enough to prevent me from getting dressed. Winner - the bum bum cream, but not by much.

The bum bum cream claims to be a fast absorbing all over cream that helps tighten and smooth like no other, it contains a potent form of caffeine which is supposed to help posteriors look and feel their smoothest, tightest and positively most pinchable. First of all in the time of the #MeToo movement I don't think a pinchable bottom is what any woman is looking for (correct me if I am wrong) and I don't think my bum looks tighter or perter than before, but then I really wouldn't expect it to as that would be a miracle, but my whole body felt smoother and hydrated after using this cream. 

The booty balm contains coconut oil and capuacu butter and claims to improve skin elasticity and firmness whilst deeply moisturising. It also leaves skin with a subtle shimmer. Whilst I can't really claim that my skins elasticity improved or became firmer, it was very moisturising and at first I couldn't detect any shimmer, but it's a barely there hint of shimmer, so don't worry about looking like a glitter ball.

The Aldi product has used similar packaging, but in a bright orange colour. I think that the Sol de Janeiro product just looks a little classier, but I think in the end it's how the product works and not what it looks like that is the important part.

Overall winner
Definitely the bum bum cream, mainly because it smells divine if I am honest. I love all the Sol de Janeiro products because of the lovely fragrance they leave behind on my body. That being said I would buy the Aldi product again because it is reasonably similar and for the price you can't expect it to be identical to it's higher end counterpart. If money is no object then pick the bum bum cream, if you are on a budget then you won't be disappointed with the alternative booty balm. 


I bought these products with my own money


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