My Slimming World Journey - Month One

I have recently started my journey to lose weight and this is the end of month One.  I have been gaining weight steadily over the last few years and the diet was always going to start the next day until the actual next day when I carried on as normal and ate what I wanted.  I’m not really a dieter,  I’ve never counted calories and only really cook occasionally (as I’m not that good at it) so snacking on junk food is more my MO.  I’m not sure why, but in February I decided enough was enough.   It may be because a few on my colleagues at work are on the Slimming World diet that I decided to look into it.  After reading some of the recipes that looked really appetising I decided this was the weight loss approach for me.   
Slimming World Take 5 Book
So this is my first month of following this plan and actually it’s not been too bad.  I'm not going to meetings, I’ve decided to just try the online version as mainly I wanted to download the app and check out how many syns the food  I am eating is and what food I could eat on this plan.  I watched some YouTube videos to get ideas for snacks and also bought some Slimming World frozen food at Iceland as I thought this would be the easiest way initially as I can’t see myself cooking every day of the week. I love the Slimming World Hi-Fi Bars they have a great range of flavours and they are a really great chocolate fix.  
Hi-Fi Bars

Hi-Fi Bars
My aim is to lose 4 stone overall but I am going to work towards each half stone to have an achievable goal as 4 stone seems a long way off.
So how has Month One gone:
Weight Lost – 11 lbs
Inches around belly lost – 3 inches
Things I have liked about this plan – Slimming World Frozen Food which is no syns and tastes really good and it makes this very easy for me.
Things I don’t like about this plan – It is going to cost me a fortune to keep buying fresh fruit and yogurts and Slimming World meals so that I have enough to last me each week, but the food is so nice that it’s worth it and I am probably saving loads from not buying chocolate bars and crisps every day.

I am really pleased with how this month has gone.  I have lost weight (my first 1/2 stone whoop whoop) even though I still go out for meals occasionally and have naughty days.  I did have a blip in week 2 where I wasn't feeling great and didn't stick to plan, but I still managed to lose weight as I have cut down on a lot of junk food such as burgers and chocolate.  I am lucky that I have found a diet drink that I really like and is syn free and that's Pepsi Max Cherry which I think has made things easier and I don't drink a lot of alcohol on a weekly basis so it's not been hard to cut that out.

Overall I think this plan suits me as I still want to enjoy my food, but I will try to mix up bad days with good days through the week and there are quite a lot of syn free foods that I like especially fruit so I can have plenty of things to snack on through the day which is important as I'm a grazer and like to snack throughout the day. Really this does not even feel like a diet, it just helps me moderate what I eat.

On to Month Two and hopefully I will continue to lose weight.  My aim is to lose a decent amount of weight before I go on Holiday in November.

Can you recommend any good snacks that have low syn values?



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