Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba

I really like Sol de Janeiro products as you can read from my brand review here. When I found out about the limited edition Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba I was really keen to try it out, but the £10 price point was really putting me off.  £10 seems a bit steep for a bath bomb doesn't it?  I recently took advantage of the gift with purchase goody bag from Cult Beauty and the goody bag included a £15 gift card, so I decided to use the gift card to buy a couple of bath bombs to try out.  
Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba

First of all it smells exactly like the famous Brazilian Bum Bum Cream which is caramel, pistachio, sandalwood and jasmine.  It's so rich and creamy and yummy smelling.  The bath bomb itself contains marine algae, cupuacu butter, coconut oil and acai.  It's a wonderful hydrating product that you can just drop into the bath and whilst it fizzes away, it turns the bath water turquoise.
Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba

Overall, it's one of the best bath bombs I have tried and my skin felt really soft and moisturised after my long, relaxing bath.  That being said, I think the £10 price is just a little too steep to make this a regular purchase, but for the occasional treat its perfect.

I bought these products with my own money


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