XO Balm

I wanted to repost this review as I have recently been suffering with a patch of eczema on my ankle which I have really struggled to get rid of.  I have tried a few medications and creams, but nothing has made a difference.  XO Balm has been brilliant.  It soothed the itching immediately and overnight the skin on my ankle went from red and angry to a much calmer state.  It was also much less dry and flaky.  My ankle looks and feels a lot better now than it did prior to using XO Balm. Please note that the above paragraph was added to this post on 8th August 2018.  The rest of the post has not been changed.

XO Balm* is a multipurpose natural balm that nourishes and protects skin, hair and nails.  It's made in the UK and contains 100% natural ingredients, beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and chia seed oil.  I love the fact that it comes with a mini spatula to keep things hygienic when you are using the product, so that you don't have to dip your fingers in.  It's fragrance free and against animal testing.
XO Balm
I love the stylish, simple packaging and another great touch is the mirror on the inside of the lid, which comes in handy when applying the balm to your face.  I think this is a great product to carry around in your bag and I love to use it to keep my lips moisturised.  It's also great for hands and nails and especially dry elbows.  It can also be used on eczema and irritated skin.

XO Balm can be bought direct from the website here for £12.50 for 45g.  You can find out more about how the product came about here.


*I was sent this product to review, but the opinions are my own.


  1. This XO Balm sounds amazing and I like that you can use it for more than thing.


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