Nail Polish Storage

You know you have too many nail polishes when your stash looks like this (and there are still some hidden away on top of my wardrobe!!!).
Nail Polish Storage
I thought it was time that I bought some nice storage boxes so that my polishes don't look so messy.  I looked on ebay and Amazon and found some great options but in the end decided this was exactly what I was looking for.
Nail Polish Storage
It fits in 48 bottles of nail polish, 24 on each side.  This does include 3 adjustable sections for smaller bottles.  The sections are too small for Ciate nail polishes unfortunately but I've not come across any other polishes that don't fit.  It costs £21.99 per box which admittedly is not cheap when you need to get at least another 3 boxes (the shame!!!!) but I have decided that I will only buy them when I have saved up enough vouchers from the online surveys I complete (see my post about surveys here).

Let me know about any great storage containers that you have found for your beauty stash.

I bought this product with my own money (vouchers from surveys)


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