My Empties

I was checking out my empties the other day and was really pleased with the amount of products I have used up in the last couple of months.  These are the last empties for 2015.  I have tried really hard not to buy unnecessary products and I'm on a spending ban in January (see my 2016 challenges here).  I just have so many products to use up I really have no need for any more but it's so hard to resist especially when there are great offers on.  

Anyway here's what have used up and what I think of them.
Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - This is the only Jo Malone fragrance that I own and it was a really nice, strong fragrance that lasted for hours on my skin. I would like to try other Jo Malone fragrances, so I won't repurchase this one for a while.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - I love all Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances and Eau So Fresh is the perfect spring/summer fragrance.  It's so subtle and light. I have loads of perfumes in my stash so I won't be repurchasing this one until I have whittled down my stash to a more manageable level.
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Bath Soak and Lavender Chamomile Body Wash and Foam Bath.   I bought these on a previous trip to Florida, as I always like to do one big shop at Bath and Body Works.  It's one of my favourite shops over there.  I didn't think there was anything special about the Bath Soak so I wouldn't repurchase, but I did like the Body Wash (I didn't use it is a bath foam) and would repurchase that again as it did smell nice and gave a nice lather.
I received Champneys Oriental Opulence shower Cream in a gift set and whilst it was nice and I would be happy enough to receive it as a gift, I would not go out of my way to repurchase it.
I get through a ton of hand cream at work and L'Occitane are one of my favourites.  These Cherry Blossom ones smelled lovely.  I'm not sure if I would repurchase as they are quite expensive, but I would if there was a deal on.
I love, love, love the Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels and this Fresh Sparkling Snow Fragrance was very nice.  I will stock up on them next time I am in the US as they were 5 for $6 and they are so handy to keep in my bag.
The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel.  I love these hand sanitisers, they smell so lovely.  I always have one in my bag and one in the car.  I would definitely repurchase again.  I get them from the Body Shop Outlet 4 for £6.
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter is lovely and thick so it's perfect for winter.
I received this Rituals Rice Scrub Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Calming Body Scrub in a beauty box and I thought it was pretty good.  I will definitely be checking out some more products from Rituals.

Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo* and Silk 18 Conditioner*.  I wrote a review here.  I do like these products they worked really well. I would repurchase them again if I could order them from the website to deliver to the UK, if it was a reasonable price for delivery.  At the moment you can get them on Amazon but the costs are quite high.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots.  This soothes itchy scalps, so I may buy it again if I feel the need.
Phyto Phytolisse Perfect Smoothing Shampoo - This is ok, but nothing special, so I don't think I will bother to repurchase, although I think I have some more in my stash anyway.
On the other hand, I really liked Phyto Phytolisse Express Smoothing Mask, which left my hair less frizzy.
I got a couple of samples of The Body Deli Living Hair Shampoo & Conditioner from A Beautiful World Sampler Box.  They only lasted 1 wash on my thick curly hair, so I can't really make a decision on whether I would buy them again based on 1 go.
Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm was a great product for a lazy person like me, as you apply it and keep it on overnight and it does not have to be rinsed out the next day.  I applied it to my dry ends and it did make them less frizzy.
Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner.  I won this from a giveaway on Beauty Balms blog I think and it's a nice, fresh toner.
L'Occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel.  This is a great cleanser that cleans your skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry. 
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.  This is a mini and I used this on the flight to and from LA.  I found it really nice to spritz my face throughout the trip and it didn't feel as dehydrated as normal.  I would definitely repurchase this again.  I do love face sprays. I don't know if they really do anything long term, but I just find them nice to spray on my face when I'm travelling or it's really hot weather.
Scaramouche & Fandango Face Scrub.  This is another beauty box acquisition that works really well and is not harsh on your face.
I love Origins face masks and this Clear Improvement charcoal mask is great for cleaning out my pores.
Darphin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum.  This sample wasn't really big enough to form an opinion about how good it works.
Oskia Renaissance Mask.  Im not sure where I got this from I think probably one of the GWP Goody bags from Harvey Nichols.  This was a lovely mask to use when you are having a relaxing bath.  I thought my skin looked and felt better after using this 1-2 times a week.  I wouldn't repurchase it straight away as it is expensive and I have got  a lot of masks to use up but I would use it again if I got the opportunity.
Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector.  This was a sample size so I didn't really see any change to my skin in the time I used it, as I wasn't using it for long enough.

So that's my final empties from 2015. In 2015 I posted 3 empties posts. Looking back I'm pleased with the amount of products I've used, but it has barely made a dent in my stash.  I plan to keep on trying to use my stash as much as possible rather than buy new products (at least until I go on holiday) , but I can't promise anything as there's so many nice products out there.

I bought these with my own money unless *.


  1. Love Jo Malone, Oskia and Silk 18 Conditioner. I rarely finish a perfume! x

  2. Im abit boring with my perfumes at the moment and just stick to one so I can finish it rather than have loads open. I would love to get more Jo Malone ones though need to spend abit of time in the store and check them all out.


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