Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum Review

I posted back in October about some Maple Holistics Products I had been sent to try out here.   I also got the opportunity to try out Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum which I have been using for awhile now.
Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum
Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum is easy to use.  The product has a pipette that dispenses just the right amount of product for your face and neck. It sinks in really quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin.  It also has a very light barely there fragrance.  I use this morning and night and apply a moisturiser on top.

This is what Maple Holistics has to say about the product:
Vitamin C Facial Serum is an anti-aging premium which takes the traditional concept of topically applying Vitamin C and provides a boost of therapeutic ingredients to maximize effectiveness and sustainability. The superior anti-aging benefits of the serum can help correct the fallacies of aging skin to result in a toned, youthful and healthy face.

I did really like this serum.  For those of you in the US it costs $11.77 for 30ml.  Some of their products are also on Amazon but the prices are higher.

I included some info on the company in my previous post so I won't repeat it here but if you want to read more about them please check out my previous post here.


*I received this product free but my review is completely my own and I was not paid for this post.


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