An Update On My Challenges for 2015

I set myself some challenges back in 2015 and I just wanted to post an update on how I did with my challenges.
  1. Top of the list is to lose weight - FAILED.  This was my biggest failure of the year and if I'm honest I didn't even try and I am probably slightly heavier than I was at the start of last year.  This is going to be my main challenge for 2016.
  2. I want to have 3 no spend months this year.  The no spends are on unnecessary items such as makeup, toiletries, clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery.  It does not include food, drink, petrol or going out - COMPLETED.
  3. I want to use up 10 makeup items.  I find that makeup is the hardest thing to use up, so I will pick 10 items to fully use up. This is like the Project 10 Pan Challenge that appeared on You Tube a few years ago - COMPLETED
  4. Go for a proper bra fitting.  This may not seem like much of a challenge, but I have never had a bra fitting, so I think I really should this year and find out if I am wearing the correct size bra.  COMPLETED
  5. I want to improve the look of my teeth and I think I will start by trying to get them whiter.  I am going to try a few toothpastes and whitening strips to see if they make any difference and then if not I think I will look at having them professionally whitened - FAILED.  I have tried a few whitening toothpastes, but nothing as made any difference.
  6. I have got to do something with my hair this year, as it just seems to be getting frizzier.  I am going to look into Brazilian Blowdrys and other straightening treatments and see what looks like the best option. FAILED but I have now found a hairdresser that I like, so I will be booking something in for 2016.
  7. I want to learn how to ski.  I have only been to an indoor ski slope once and I was not a natural talent by any means, but I see little kids swooping down the slope and I think if they can do it so can I, so I am going to give it another go this year.  I also want to have another go at Ice Skating as I walked past the Ice Rink outside the Natural History Museum in London a month ago and I really wanted to give it a go, but I didn't have the time. FAILED on the skiing as I didn't get around to booking any lessons, but I did go ice skating 3 times.  Sadly I was more Bambi than Torvill & Dean.
  8. Have false eyelashes put on professionally, because I have always wanted to try that out. FAILED I did try out some false lashes at home, but I am not very good at putting them on.
  9. Improve the condition of my nails as they are in really bad condition at the moment so they definitely need some TLC. I did have some success with this as my nails did grow after using some products, but they are now looking pretty short again, so I will have to spend some more time on them in 2016.
  10. Find a hairdresser that I really like and go more regularly -  COMPLETED I have now found a hairdresser that I like, so will go more regularly in 2016.
So I completed 5 and failed 5 which is not great, but at least I did complete some.  I have posted my 2016 challenges here.  What are your challenges and goals for 2016?



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