The Body Shop Refill Scheme

I was browsing in The Body Shop looking for something to spend my £5 birthday reward on, when I came upon The Refill Station. This was totally new to me and its a wonderful idea.  The Refill Station at my local store had 6 different products that were available for refills.  There were 4 shower gels and then the Ginger shampoo and conditioner.  All you need to do is pick your product (I picked the Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner) and then ask a member of the Body Shop team to fill your aluminium bottle.  The bottle costs £2 on top of the cost of the product and then you can bring it back in the next time that you need a refill.  Its great value for money because 250ml of the Ginger Scalp Care conditioner usually costs £7.50, whereas 300ml of the refill costs just £6.

The Body Shop Refill Scheme

Product availability varies from store to store (maybe according to local bestsellers?), so I am not going to list each of the products available at my store, and the prices of the products also varied a little as well between the shower gels and shampoo and conditioner, but were always cheaper than the version in the plastic bottles.

This is such a great idea and helps us all to reduce our waste while saving some money and every little helps right?  You can read more about the refill scheme here. Refill stations are rolling out now and the plan is for them to be in 500 stores globally by the end of 2022.



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