Last Minute Stocking Fillers - *AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener

*I received this product for free but the opinions are my own.

Now I know what you are thinking why would I want a knife sharpener in my stocking on Christmas Day?  It's not a standard stocking filler I'll grant you that but I just love the colours on this one and honestly sometimes it's nice to get a mixture of products in the stocking.

AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener
All joking aside this is a great little product.  I was kindly sent the AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener* to try out and it's a great addition to my kitchen utensils.  I'm not the most natural of cooks, I wish I was, I love watching cooking shows but it's not something that I excel at, so anything that makes my life in the kitchen easier is a welcome addition. 
AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener

I have to admit I didn't own a knife sharpener before this so I didn't have the sharpest of knives in the kitchen.  Using the AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener is quick and easy, you just pull the blade through 2-3 times and you have a sharp knife again.  Now I have a set of sharp knives ready for Christmas Day.   I really like the style of this one as well, it's small and easy to store but it also looks good as well.  It has a suction cup on the bottom so it will stay in place on your kitchen worktop while you sharpen your knives.  It comes in a range of colours to suit any style.

You can purchase AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener from Amazon from £15.99.  It's available on Amazon Prime and currently can be delivered before Christmas.  It also comes with a 10 year warranty.

As an added bonus it's another product that helps the environment as you don't have to throw away your old knives when they get blunt and buy a new set, you can just use this product and they are as good as new. 

You can see more products from the AnySharp Range on Amazon here.



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