Lush Butterball Perfume & Perfume Oil

One of my absolute favourite Lush products is the Butterball Bath Bomb (for Christmas it is the Limited Edition Butterbear - so cute!). Containing fair trade organic cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and cocoa powder, it has a rich, creamy, chocolaty scent that is simply divine and perfect for bath times.  The cocoa butter means that it is moisturising and skin softening and the fragrance is very comforting and relaxing.  When I saw that Lush now sell Butterball in a perfume and perfume oil I had to buy them both.
Lush Butterball Perfume & Perfume Oil

The Butterball perfume is £19 for 30ml.  I didn't really expect it to smell exactly the same as the bath bomb, but it really does.  I sprayed it onto my wrists and gave them a whiff and I was instantly transported back to chilled out bath times.  I love it.  The perfume oil is exactly the same, but a little cheaper at £12.50 for 15ml.  If you like sweet, creamy scents then you should try the Butterball range from Lush. Both of these products are suitable for vegans.

Lush do not test their finished products on animals and only purchase ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals.

If you want to be more environmentally friendly this Christmas, take a look at the Knot Wraps from Lush.  These reusable material squares make wrapping pressies a whole lot better for the environment and prices start from £4 (or you could just use scarfs that your already own which is even better to your purse).


I bought these products with my own money.


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