Great Ways to Earn Some Spending Money/Vouchers - Surveys

I thought I would post about Survey Sites as it's that time of year when we could all do with some additional money.  I find survey sites are a good way of earning cash or gift vouchers, so you can treat yourself throughout the year. As well as cash or vouchers you sometimes receive free products to test and review as well.  I have been paid on all the survey sites below, so if you have any spare time and want to collect points for cash or vouchers its worth joining these sites:
Ways to Earn Money - Surveys
Valued Opinions - This is a really good site and you can build up your points fairly quickly.  You need to have at least £10.50 saved up to get a £10 voucher (there is a 50p admin fee) and you can get Argos & Costa vouchers to name a few. Amazon is also included but you need £15.50 saved for a £15 voucher.  

MySurvey - You can earn points to receive vouchers from the likes of Amazon, M&S, iTunes or have money paid into Paypal.  This is a good site if you go on regularly and it's easy to build up points on.  Different offers on the site mean that depending on the brand you choose you may need to use more points for the same value voucher so please check the different options before claiming your voucher.

Opinionbar - This site pays cash and you need to earn at least £10 and it pays direct into your bank account.  Generally each survey is worth £1 although you only earn about 10p if you are not eligible.  

GlobalTestMarket - This is an American site but I've had no problems with them paying out.  This used to pay out cash but now have a variety of options available such as Amazon, Starbucks and Paypal or even donate to a charity. I think you do need to earn 1000 points to redeem vouchers if I recall correctly as I haven't completed many surveys this year on this page as I just don't have the time unfortunately.   Leave me a comment with your email address if you would like me to refer you. I get 100 points per referral.

Answerpoints (previously Just the Answer) - This survey site needs 500 points to earn a £5 Amazon voucher. Again I've found that the points add up easily on this site.

I-Say (previously Ipsos Access Panels) - You need to collect 500 points for a £5 voucher from Amazon, M&S or Tesco or 1000 for a £10 iTunes voucher (there are other options as well). 

newvista - You need to get 5000 points and will be sent a £50 cheque.  There are quite a few surveys sent to me, but I don't always have time to complete them.

OnePoll - These surveys are really short and pay out anything from 10p onwards. You do get a fair few surveys every week, but they only pay out once you have earned £40 so it can take ages.  Payment is via BACs or Paypal.  If you want to be referred, then please leave your email address in the comments section (I earn 50p per referral once the first survey has been completed).

If you know of any other survey sites worth joining, please let me know. 

I have included a link to each site in the name or if you prefer I can refer you for some of the sites (I have mentioned if I get any incentive).  Just send me a comment if you want to be referred (I wont post your email in the comments section). The links that I have included are not referral links.

If you are looking for ways to earn a little bit extra then this is one way of doing it.  If you have the time and patience you should be able to get payouts on a regular basis.

 I am not being paid for this post


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