Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion Review

As the cold weather has now set in this is usually the time of year that my skin gets very dry.  This year though I have been using Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion and I have to say that my skin has never felt softer.  I use it predominantly on my legs and honestly they are so smooth that it's become my favourite body lotion.   It is a lovely creamy consistency and it sinks into my skin quickly. The smell is divine as well, it's called Lemon Body Lotion and it smells lemony but not in a synthetic way.  
Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion Review
You can purchase this product on the Fresh website here £21 for 300ml, so it is a product to treat yourself to for a special occasion as it is a bit pricey.  

You can read more about the brand here.  Although Fresh does not test on animals it does sell in China. 

I have a few more products from this brand so I might do a brand review at some point.  Let me know if there are any products you recommend.

This is a short and sweet post today as I just wanted to let you know of this great product.

I bought this product with my own money


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