DermaWand Review

I was kindly sent a DermaWand* to try out and I wanted to start posting about my journey.  I must admit I haven't used any of these types of beauty gadgets before and I was interested to see if it could really work.  I'm at the age now where the skin on my face is starting to get a bit looser and don't get me wrong I'm not looking for a wonder product that makes my face look years younger (or worse it's so tight it looks uncomfortable and ages you the wrong way), but I'm up for trying out products that can improve areas such as hooded eyelids, puffy under eyes and the beginnings of sagging on my chin and neck.  I'm not looking for miracles just little improvements here and there without going under the knife (not that I'm against that it's just not for me right now).
DermaWand Review

DermaWand Review
The DermaWand is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  I must admit that I don't have wrinkles at this stage so I will just be looking to reduce fine lines.

The DermaWand itself is straight-forward to use.  You plug it in and then you run the tip of the DermaWand across your skin.  There is a dial at the bottom of the DermaWand which allows you to choose the level when using it.  You start at number 1 when you first use it and then can increase it when you are ready up to number 9.  You can move up a level when you no longer feel the same intensity of the stimuli.

I started at number 1 and could barely feel it and have gradually increased it to level 5 so far as I have sensitive skin so have taken it slowly, but I haven't had any reaction to it so far which I'm really pleased about.  Please note that you should only go up to level 3 around the eye area.

So how do you use it?  It's very simple.  You cleanse and pat dry your face and then apply a good moisturiser, it comes with a pre-face treatment or you can use your own moisturiser.  I've used both the one that comes with it and Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream and both work fine.  It's important to keep your face well moisturised while using this product as I have run it over skin that's not moisturised and it does tingle a bit more.  I don't think you can use too much moisturiser when using the DermaWand as it helps make it easy to run the tip over your skin.  Once you have moisturised you then do a 3 minute sweep over your face.  I generally run the DermaWand in small circles all over my face at this point.  This can be completed twice a day as a minimum.  Once you have completed this you can then target specific areas by carrying out Facial Exercise Routines.  I started by doing them all but over time I have reduced it to the areas I want to target such as neck, chin, eyebrow and under eye lines.    You repeat each exercise a number of times. 

Once that's finished you then complete a second pass lasting no more than 4 minutes targeting your problem areas.  All in all this can take between 15-30 minutes depending on how many individual exercises you choose to do.   You then apply a moisturiser at the end.  Again this can be your own or the product that comes with it.

I have found this easy to use on a night, although I've struggled to use it every morning due to the time I have to leave for work (6.30am!).  I have taken my time moving up levels so I haven't had any reaction to the product and haven't found the tingling sensation to be too much.  I have found using this product easy to add to my routine.  I'm not sure if this is related, but I have found that as I've been targeting my chin that the odd stray chin hair that can suddenly pop up out of nowhere (does this happen to anyone else?) seems to have disappeared, so that has been one benefit of using this product.  I haven't seen a massive improvement in my skin yet, but it's early days so far and I plan to continue to use it for the next couple of months at least so will be reporting back on any improvements.  

You can read more about DermaWand here.   DermaWand can be bought on the DermaWand website for £149.99 and if you use the code DWYT1 you can get 10% off.

I am going to do a series of posts this year, where I try out all the beauty gadgets that I have acquired and let you know if they really works.  I have an epilator, an IPL machine, and electric nail product and a pro curl to try out so far.  I am going to call the series 'Does This Beauty Gadget Really Work?' (Inspired I know).  I will be including the DermaWand in this series to let you know how I get on and the results from each gadget.


*I was sent this product to review, but the opinions are my own.


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