Challenges for 2017 - Update

I have fallen a little behind on my challenges as I wanted to complete 1 a month, but so far I am only on challenge 7.  You can read my last update here.  I have had builders working on my house for over 2 months, which has meant that things have had to be moved around while they work and it's been hard to keep track of where everything is.  Everything is back to normal now, so I wanted to update you on which challenges I have completed and some new challenges.

Challenge 4 - Completed
This was to read 10 books which I have managed to do and have actually carried on with this one and so far I've read 14 this year.  I don't think I've read that many books in so long I think I read about 2 or 3 last year in total.  I have realised from this challenge that I love to read so it's something I am going to make time for going forward.  I think one of the things that helped is that when the builders were here they managed to knock the sky satellite dish and we lost the connection.   I was just too busy (or lazy) to sort it out for a while, so I really cut down on watching TV.  Since getting sky sorted out I've not really watched as much as I used to which has left me more time for reading.

Challenge 5 - Completed
This challenge was to use every bag that I own at least once.  I found this really easy to complete as it was just about swapping my bag every time I went out.  I didn't swap my work bag as there's just too much rubbish in it and a lot of the bags I own are smaller ones that only fit in a purse, mobile and keys so I used them when I was going to the cinema or out shopping.  I love a lot of my bags, I just don't get around to using them as I just tend to stick to one work bag and one going out bag.  I really need to start using them more or just not buy anymore (not sure that will ever happen).

New challenges

Challenge 6 - Completed
I have signed up for Amazon Prime, so I want to binge watch the last 3 series of Parks & Recreation as it's one of my favourite shows, but for some reason I lost track of it on TV, so missed the final 3 series.  I actually originally thought I had only missed 1 series, but it turned out it was 3.  This one is a couple of months old and I managed to get through the 3 series in about a month as it's only 30 mins per episode.  I really enjoyed watching this series although the last season wasn't as good, but never mind it was good to see it through till the end.

Challenge 7
This one is to get to 100 blog posts posted to my blog in 2017.  I am on track for this as I think I will be over 95 by the time this post is live.  I really tried to stick to a schedule of 2 posts per week this year and for the first half of the year I managed this not sure why it went to pot in October.  Anyway I think this one will get completed. 

I haven't done as many challenges as I wanted to this year, as usual life just gets in the way, but I'm pleased with the ones I've done so far.  They are all small things but sometimes it's those small things that remind you that you enjoy using or doing them.



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