My First Glossier Haul

What can I say, I couldn't help jumping on the bandwagon when a brand I had heard so many good things about started selling in the UK.  I thought the Glossier website would be chaos on the first morning, so I didn't order until the next day. I must admit I expected there to be problems with either products being out of stock, the system going slow or the dreaded error message just as you get to the end of the payment page, but none of that happened.  It was a great experience from start to finish. 

I hadn't looked into what Glossier products I was going to buy before going to the website, I browsed around and chucked things in my basket (metaphorically speaking).  I got a bit too excited and had to reduce it somewhat when I came to checkout, as I had a few too many products in the basket.  Here's what I bought:
Glossier Haul
I ended up buying 1 of the box sets as I wanted to try out the products, so it made sense to buy the set and save some money.  I got:
  • Phase 1 Set for £35 (saving £8).  This includes:  
             Milky Jelly Cleanser 177ml
             Priming Moisturizer 50ml
             Coconut Balm Dotcom 15ml
  • Body Hero Daily Oil Wash £15 for 250ml
  • Boy Brow £14 for 3.12 g
  • Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick £14 for 2g
I also received a 3ml sample of the milky jelly cleanser.  It is great that they include a sample, but it would have been nice if they had a choice of samples so I could have tried something that I hadn't already bought.

I love the pink plastic zip lock bags with bubble wrap padding the products come in, they are so fun and practical.

Price wise they have a good range of products that are affordable. They don't seem to be overcharging UK customers, which happens with a lot of overseas brands when they sell in the UK. There are no custom charges to worry about, and P&P is free if you spend over £25.

Once I made my order I was expecting to receive it within 2-5 days, but I did get an email 2 days later advising there would be a delay due to the volume of orders they had received.  They apologised and gave me £5 off my next order.  I can't fault them for their customer service.  Unlike a lot of companies they were honest about the delays and giving me money off my next order was a nice touch.  Even then my order didn't take that long to arrive, it was only delayed a couple of days.  UK companies take note.

I'm hoping to review these products on a future post but I'm really happy with the ones I've used so far.  I will definitely be making another order.

If you are interesting in making an order and would like to use my referral link you will receive 10% off your order (I receive £10 store credit). 

Is there any Glossier products that you would recommend trying?


I bought these products with my own money


  1. Looking forward to your reviews.
    Glossier isn’t in Australia yet...


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