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It's that time of year again when money just seems to fly out of your hands (or is that just me), there are so many nice things in the shops, and it's as tempting to buy them for yourself as it is to buy them for presents (honestly I end up buying them for myself more often then not).

I thought I would let you know about a great money saving tip which could save you a few pennies (sometimes a few pounds).  If you shop at Asda (either online or in store) they have an Asda Price Guarantee which means if your shop is not 10% cheaper then Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s or Waitrose, they will give you a money off voucher for the difference.   If you currently shop online then the day after you have had your shop delivered (or picked it up) you can check online by signing on here and just pick the date of your last order (you can check your last 3 orders) and it will automatically tell you if your shop was 10% cheaper or not.  If it’s not you get the difference loaded onto your online account (this takes a few days) and then you can use the money off on your next shop.  If you shop in store, you log onto the same website and put in the barcode number at the bottom of the receipt.  If your shop is not 10% cheaper you get  a voucher to print out which you can use in store.  It really is quick and simple to do and I have often saved £2-3 (occasionally nearer £4) on my online weekly shop so it really does add up. 
Money Saving Tips  - No1 Asda
The barcode number is the long number above the barcode

There are some terms and conditions such as needing at least 8 different items on your receipt but if you aren’t sure you can check your shop anyway and it will tell you if you don’t meet the conditions.  Unfortunately Asda won’t automatically check your receipts for you, you do have to go online to check.
I check all my Asda shops regularly and often receive vouchers, so if you do shop at Asda and don’t already check your receipts and want to save some money what have you got to lose.
Let me know if you have any money saving tips to share.


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  1. Ooh thanks for this, I'll have to try this out as we only shop at Asda!

  2. Ive saved £2.77, £3.61 & £3.05 on 3 recent Asda shops just by doing this


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