Mega Primark Haul - Part 1

This is a mega Primark Haul.  I should point out that I didn't buy this all in one go, there's no way that I would have been able to manage the shopping bags.  The reason that I have been shopping at Primark so much lately, is that I have just started working in the city centre again after quite a few years of working just out of town, so I tend to spend my lunch breaks browsing the shops and this is the result.  I have to say that Primark has some great stuff in store at the moment and they have such a fast turnaround, that there is always something new in store.  I think that's why I always buy things when I see them, as I know they will not be there next time I go.  Anyway, you might want to grab a coffee or a cup of tea because this might take a while.

First of all I have bought quite a few Disney related products, because I love Disney and the prices in Primark are so much cheaper than in the Disney parks.  I bought 3 Disney purses which were only £4 a piece.  I especially love the sparkly Mickey Ears purse it's so cute.

Primark Disney Purses
I am also a big fan of Beauty & the Beast, so I had to grab this cute canvas bag and a purse to add to my collection of Beauty & the Beast merchandise from Primark.  They both cost £3 each.
Primark Disney's Beauty & the Beast Chip bag and purse
Finally, this one is not Disney, but it reminds me of Mickey Ears so I thought it would be cute to wear to Disneyland Paris next time I go.  This was also £3.
Primark Mickey Ears Woolly Hat
Primark also sell loads of great Harry Potter merchandise and whilst I like the films, I am not a mega fan, but I did pick up these cute knee high socks which I think were £2.50.
Primark Harry Potter Knee High Socks
I also bought a pair of glittery gold flats for £8 and a pair of tan ankle boots with some bling on them that were reduced from £16 to £8.
Primark Shoes & Ankle Boots
I also bought some long sleeved tops that had some nice details on the back or sides.  This blue top is so soft and I love the tie detail down the sides.  This cost £8.
Primark Blue Top
This green jumper is quite thick and has a couple of fastenings on the back as you can see in the photo.  This was reduced from £10 to £5.
Primark Green Top
 This grey top is super soft and also has a tie detail on the back as you can see in the photo.  This top only cost £6.
Primark Grey Top
Now that autumn is here and the weather is colder I have been looking for a new winter coat.  This coat is well made and the material is quite weighty so it definitely doesn't look and feel cheap.  It's well made and the way it drapes is really flattering.  It cost £35 and I have to admit that I have never spent this much on one item in Primark before, but I really like this jacket and it was worth the money.  Plus it's much cheaper than I was expecting to pay for a nice winter coat.
Primark Grey Winter Coat
I love this faux leather biker jacket which cost £20.  My only regret is not buying it in khaki as well.
Primark faux leather biker jacket
Next up are 3 T-Shirts.  I like my T-Shirts to be long so they cover up the old muffin top.  They were all great prices as well.  The one below cost £3 reduced from £6.
Primark T-Shirt
This one cost £6.
Primark T-Shirt
This one was such a bargain, £1 reduced from £8, that I bought 2.
Primark T-Shirt
I also bought this puffer jacket which was only £15.
Primark puffer jacket
Finally, clothes wise I bought this khaki hoodie (it's green not grey like the photo below, but I was losing the light at this point) which is so soft.  This cost £8.
Primark Hoodie
I was going to put everything I bought in one post but there is so much that it will go on forever, so I will put my other items on a separate post.  Keep an eye out for it soon.

Does anyone else find Primark shopping addictive?  I think it's probably the only shop I can afford to just throw things in my basket and not worry about the price.


I bought these products with my own money


  1. I love that Beauty and the Beast bag - great post.


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