Yes It's Another Primark Haul

Primark is really knocking it out of the park right now.  I literally cannot walk into Primark and just browse, I just have to buy something every time I go in.  I think the reason for this is that if you see something that you like, chances are you will never see it again in any other Primark store, the stock moves so quickly in Primark I don't want to risk missing out.  Here is a haul which includes a few different shops including one from Oxford Street in London which has London branded products that I would assume will not be available elsewhere in the country.
Primark Haul
These denim look backless shoes with a bow cost a bargain £8 as did the gorgeous black print shoes below which are also backless.
Primark Haul
When I was in London I bought a couple of items with London printed on the front.  The t-shirt was £4 and is made of a really soft material and the bag was £2.
Primark Haul
I love these mirrored sunglasses which were £3 and I finally managed to pick up the chain extenders which cost £1 which will be very handy. Primark Haul
I love the colour of this bright blue swimming costume that cost £4.
Primark Haul
This gold bag only cost £5.
Primark Haul
I also picked up a packet of 4 Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower eye patches for £1.
Primark Haul
There is a great Primark store in Meadowhall Sheffield which is where I picked up the items below.  These cute silver shoes with a block heel were £6 (reduced from £10).
Primark Silver Shoes
 The flip flops were £2 each and I loved the Little Mermaid and Unicorn patterns.
Primark Disney Little Mermaid Flip Flops

Primark Unicorn Flip Flops
 These silver ballet pumps cost £6.
Primark Silver Ballet Pumps
 This off the shoulder swimming costume cost £10.
Primark Off The Shoulder Swimming Costume
 This camouflage jacket cost £14.
Primark camouflage jacket
 Finally, this sports bra cost £3.50.
Primark Sports Bra

I bought these products with my own money


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