*St. Moriz Fast Tan Lotion, Spray Tan In A Can & Oily Skin Tanning Serum

  *I received these products for free but the opinions are my own.

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I enjoy using St. Moriz Tanning products, so I wanted to share some more products from this brand. 

St. Moriz Fast Tan Lotion, Spray Tan In A Can & Oily Skin Tanning Serum

The St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan Lotion* gives you a choice of how tanned you become.  If you leave this product on for 1 hour you will have a light sun-kissed glow, leave it on for 2 hours for a golden glow and 3 hours for a deeper bronzed tone.  I love this product because some days you just want a light tan for a fresh, healthy glow and other times you want to go all out with a deeper tanned look. Its so simple to use as you just wash away the guide colour once you have achieved the colour tone you are aiming for. Brilliant.

The St. Moriz Spray Tan In A Can* in the shade medium is a 360 degree spray that makes it easy to reach all those awkward to reach areas of your body. It dries within minutes and the tan begins to develop after 1 hour and will continue to develop over an 8 hour period. You can even use this on your face. This product is easy to apply and gave me a nice even tan that faded after 3 - 4 days.

The St. Moriz Oily Skin Serum* in the shade medium helps to balance oily skin. This is a lightweight face and body serum that gives an instant glow and then gradually builds into a lovely bronzed glow over 8 hours. This product contains lemon myrtle extract and chamomile along with moisturisers which help to rebalance oil at every stage of the skin cycle. It also helps reduce redness and calm sensitive skin.

As with all St. Moriz tanning products it is recommended that you exfoliate 24 hours before application. The St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan Lotion costs £4.99 for 200ml from Superdrug and BootsThe St. Moriz Spray Tan In A Can costs £12.99 for 150ml from Superdrug and Boots. The St. Moriz Oily Skin Serum costs £8.99 for 150ml from Superdrug

St. Moriz produces high quality affordable products which are developed and manufactured in the UK. They are cruelty free and vegan friendly. You can find more about St. Moriz on their website where you can also purchase the products.

You can read about other St. Moriz products that I have reviewed here and here.



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