Cat Comb Review

I don't normally review cat products but I had to review this cat comb as one of my cats loves it.  I have owned cats for years (or more likely they have owned me - any cat lovers out there will agree I'm sure) and I can never resist buying them things even when they are more than happy with the empty boxes from all my beauty purchases.  

I wanted to post about this product as I have a shorthaired cat that isn't keen on getting groomed. I've tried soft baby brushes as well as the usual cat brushes that are out there (the furminater is fab for long haired cats). Then I came across the Cat Comb and he absolutely loves it. He will sit there and rub against this comb for ages which is so unlike him.

The handle is shaped like a cats head and the brush part is flexible so it goes over the contours of the cat as you are brushing without hurting them.  It does a good job of getting the loose hair off him as well.  This is a great little product and its only around £4.99 from Amazon.

So if you have a cat like mine that isn't keen on being groomed I recommend trying this one out.


I purchased this product with my own money


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