Primark PS Retinol Overnight Hand Cream

I always like to check out Primarks beauty and skincare range as it is so reasonably priced.  I picked up the Primark PS Retinol Overnight Hand Cream as it was a product that I had never come across before and for £2 for 50ml I thought it was definitely worth a try. 

Primark PS Retinol Overnight Hand Cream
This product contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter so its very hydrating and moisturising and it promises smooth and youthful-looking hands. I don't know about you, but I definitely forget to give my hands any TLC and they are open to the elements as much as my face, so I really should take more care of them. I do think the hands can be a tell tale sign of age and I really should do more to protect them, so any product that promises smoother hands sounds like a winner to me.

As with all Primark beauty and skincare products this is cruelty free and its also vegan. This hand cream is nice and thick and doesn't have a fragrance which I prefer. It sinks in quickly as well which is good as I hate touching things after using hand cream and leaving marks all over the place. Since its retinol I would use a sunscreen on my hands throughout the day, although there is nothing on the packaging to make you aware of this.  After using this product my hands feel softer and look smoother, so I will definitely buy this product again especially for such a bargain price.


I purchased this product with my own money


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