Primark Beauty Brand Review - My Thoughts on the Products

I love browsing around the Primark beauty section, especially as there are lots of bargains to be had.  I can't promise that the products will all still be available in store as Primark changes stock so often. Here's my thoughts about some of my recent purchases.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
PS Love To Glow Face Mask - £1 reduced from £3 for 50ml
This has Moroccan clay & Himalayan bamboo charcoal and is for exfoliating and smoothing, as well as purifying & brightening. You apply a thin layer to wet skin and leave on for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.  I could feel the exfoliating particles which felt a bit scratchy when applying this to my skin initially, but as you only apply a thin layer it's not too bad.  It drys down on your skin without feeling tight which is good.  Once I removed the mask my skin did feel smoother.  It wasn't my favourite mask but I would use it again and for the price you can't complain.

PS Rose & Vitamin E Micellar Cleansing Pads - £2 for 80 pads

I remember trying the PS Micellar Water from Primark and not being that impressed, so I wasn't expecting to like the cleansing pads.  That being said, apart from the fact that the top pad wasn't very moist, the rest of the pads have a decent amount of product in them.  They are quite thin and they are not overly soaked like some cleansing pads, but they work well and are very gentle.  80 pads is a generous size, so they will last ages.  I would buy these again.

PS Face Spa Calendula Petal Face Mask - £3 reduced to £1 for 100ml
This mask is like a runny jelly or like applying marmalade with bits in it onto your face and it has a light floral fragrance.  I left it on my skin for 10 - 15 minutes as instructed.  It's a very wet mask so it doesn't dry down.  It did tingle on my skin a little, and my face was a bit red after I took the mask off.  This is a moisturising mask and my face definitely did not feel dry after using this mask so I would say that it worked.

PS Face Spa Luxury Edition Honey & Royal Jelly Face Mask - £3 reduced to £1 for 100ml
Another great bargain from Primark.  This is a nourishing mask which has a really strong honey scent which makes sense as it's in the product name.  Now I'm not a big fan of honey and it's definitely not the scent for me, but although it's strong in the tub once applied to the face it's not noticeable at all.   You apply a thick layer to the face and leave it on for 15 minutes.  It doesn't dry down and feels cooling on your face.  It did leave my face feeling nicely hydrated.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
PS Radiant Glow Pearl Sheet Mask - £1.50
This was just as good as other sheet masks that I have used and for the price I enjoyed using it.  My skin felt soft and smooth after using this mask and did look brighter.  The masks were very moist and there was plenty of product in the packaging and they are made in Korea which is good.  I would buy this mask again.

PS Moisturising Avocado Sheet Mask - £1.50

Another Primark sheet mask which I enjoyed using.  It was quite a thick mask and felt really cooling on my skin.  It's a hydrating mask and I think it does the job well, my skin felt nice and soft after use.  One I would repurchase.

Charge It - Rose Gold Luminosity Peel Off Face Mask 10ml (usually £3 reduced to £1)
I really liked this mask, you apply it and leave it on for 20 minutes and then it peels off (it actually peels off unlike a lot of peel off masks which I end up rubbing off my skin as they never seem to dry down properly).  It is a gorgeous Rose Gold metallic colour although I imagine that to get such a lovely colour it's not the most natural product.  It contains vitamins B3, E and Red Raspberry.  I got 2 uses out of this product and as much as I liked it I would like to move to more natural products so I don't think it's something I would repurchase but it was nice to try.  It did leave my skin nice and soft after use and my pores seemed less noticeable.

Holler & Glow Charge It - Gold Reviving Peel Off Face Mask 10ml (usually £3 reduced to £1)
Very similar to the one above but with a gold colour.  Weirdly it says it contains Gold!!! & Vitamin E.  Another mask I liked especially as it was on offer.  It did leave my face a wee bit red when I removed it but it wasn't stinging or sensitive so that might just be the reviving part of the mask.  It left my skin feeling really nice after use.  I did like it but like I mentioned above I'm trying to go down a more natural route so not one I would especially look out for but you know what it's like in Primark when you are just browsing, when you get to the till you have loads in your basket as you just can't help yourself with the prices.

Holler and Glow Purrfect Skin Smoothing Printed Sheet Mask - £3 reduced to £1

This is the first time I have used a printed sheet mask  and it is exactly the same as the picture on the packet.  It doesn't do anything extra to a normal sheet mask it's just a bit of fun and tbh I'm not bothered if it's printed or plain it does the same stuff.  This is another thick mask with plenty of product soaked into the sheet.  I found it a little short for my face type as mine is long and thin whereas this mask seems to be for a wider shorter face so the mask didn't quite cover my whole face.  It's made in Korea and contains hyaluronic acid, jojoba and sweet almond oils and vitamin B5.  You leave it on for 15 minutes and wipe off any excess (I usually just massage the excess into my skin).  I liked this sheet mask and would purchase again.  I think Primark is offering a great range of skincare at the moment for great prices.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
PS Exfoliating Silk Cocoons (£1.50 for 12) 
I wrote about the COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Balls here which cost £8 from Cult Beauty and these are identical, but much cheaper.  They really help me keep the blackheads on my nose at bay.

PS PRO Non Latex 4 Pk Mini Blender - £2.50

These are great value for money.  I usually shy away from using concealer under my eyes, because it sits in the fine lines and makes everything look worse.  I found using a damp mini blender prevented the concealer from sitting in and enhancing the fine lines, so I will definitely continue to use these.

PS Sleek & Smooth Anti-Frizz Sheets (Usually £2 reduced to £1)
This box contains 10 individually wrapped sheets (making them great for travelling).  I have curly hair, so I only use these sheets when I straighten my hair to get rid of static and flyaways and I have to say they really do work to give my hair a final smooth down.  The sheets are quite moist (although they do not wet your hair) and are infused with argan oil for a super smooth finish.  I would definitely by these again.

PS PRO Fan Highlighter Brush - £2

For the money I have no complaints about this brush.  Its nice and soft and makes it easy to apply highlighter and contour with precision.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
PS 26 PK Spill Proof Clips £1
These are basically plastic protectors for your fingers when applying nail polish to stop you painting your fingers as well as your nails.  The clips are hard plastic so they aren't the most comfortable things to put on your fingers tbh, but they do the job.  You find the right size for each finger and pop them on the end so you can only paint the nail.  I'm pretty bad at painting my nails especially with my left hand so these are quite helpful and for £1 you can't go wrong.  It's a time saver as you don't have to clean around your nails to remove the nail polish from your fingers.

PS 20PK Soak It Off Nail Wraps - £2
I bought these for when I use glitter nail polish (not often I admit) as sometimes it's such a pain to get the polish off.  I tried these and it worked great you just apply acetone nail polish to the cotton pad and then wrap around your finger and leave on for up to 15 minutes.  I left it on for less than 10 minutes and the glitter polish came off straight away and didn't leave anything behind.  I can't comment on how good this is for gel nails as I haven't had my nails done in ages but for the price they would be worth trying out.

PS 2 in 1 Brush Cleaner - £2
This cleaner serves 2 purposes.  The first one is to brush off excess powder from your brushes and the second is to clean your brush using soap and water  with the silicone ridged base.  I think it did both jobs well so this is definitely a keeper.

PS 2 PK Silicone Sponge - £2

I have to admit that I have never used a silicone sponge before, so I have nothing to compare it to.  I definitely prefer to use a beauty blender to apply foundation as I found this sponge just smears the product around your face as it doesn't absorb any of the product into it (maybe I just used too much product idk).  In the end I had to go over my face with the PS Blender Sponge (reviewed below) to take some of the product off my face and I found that using both these products gave me better coverage than just using a blender sponge on its own would.  I did find that product collected around my nose when using the silicone sponge.  My view is that I just don't like silicone sponges, so its not that this is a cheap version, I just don't get how this sort of product helps with your makeup.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Tool - £1.50
This is useful as you just slot a couple of fingers inside it and then put soap and water on your brush and run it across this little tool.  It seems to get the dirt off much easier than just using my fingers.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
Rose Relaxing Shower Jelly - £2.50 (I think) for 100g
I bought this because it reminded me of a Lush product.  I has a lovely subtle rose scent and the product itself is like jelly (hence the name!.) Its very easy to scoop some product out of the tub and it lathers up really easily and left my skin feeling clean without feeling dry.  This is a nice product, which I would be happy to buy again.

Newtons Labs T-Zone Skincare Spot Zapping Gel - 90p got 8ml
I don't get too many spots, but when I do they can be big ones.  I especially get them right on the chin line.  When I saw this for 90p I though I may as well try it out.  Normally I just let the spot get to a head (yuck) and pop it (double yuck).  It is strong smelling which can be off putting, but once its dried on your skin its not as noticeable.  It doesn't sting or tighten the skin so other than the smell its not unpleasant on the skin.  I just use it whenever I feel a spot coming through and it does stop them in their tracks so its definitely one I will carry on using.

PS Perfect Glow Primer - £3 reduced to £1 for 30ml

In short this neither primed my skin or gave me a glow of any sort.  I was expecting this product to be moisturising, but it felt quite dry on my skin.  It did not improve the look of my foundation at all.

Intense Fragrance Oil in Amber Noir & Mandarin & Basil both £1 reduced from £3 for 5 ml

This is the range that's a dupe for Jo Malone.  The packaging is stylish and I love the little bottle with the pipette dispenser.  I was surprised though that the Amber Noir was barely noticeable on my skin but I really liked the Mandarin & Basil. which I do think is a very good dupe for Jo Malone.  I can sometimes find Jo Malone fragrances a bit overpowering and find the Primark range a lighter version of the fragrances which I really like.  I have purchased some of the range before if you want to read my post here.  I will definately be on the look out for more from this range.  Even at full price it's such a good deal.

PS Caramel Lip Jelly - £1.00 for 15ml
This is very sweet and smells exactly like caramel.  It's clear and there is a lot of slip and it instantly moisturises my lips.  

PS Chocolate Orange Lip Jelly - £1.00 for 15ml

This does have the scent of chocolate orange, but is more artificial than the caramel lip jelly.  It moisturises my lips well, but I definitely prefer the caramel version.

PS Coconut Lip Jelly - £1.00 for 15ml

This doesn't smell of coconut at all.  When you apply it too your lips directly from the tube it's really rough on your lips.  I'm not a fan of this one at all.

PS Saint or Sinner Lip Vinyl in Gone Rogue - 8ml - £2.50 reduced to £1

This is a gorgeous plum colour that applies to my lips well.  It's so creamy and doesn't dry down so your lips stay feeling moisturised.   As its such an intense colour I must admit to worrying that I would smear it around my lips if I wasn't careful as it does stain your skin.  I would love to try a nude colour in this range as having not been blessed with full lips dark colours are not my friend, but it is a gorgeous shade.  For the price and if you like intense colours it's definitely worth trying if it's still in store. I'm not sure if they are reduced as they are repackaging or its the end of the line for the range.   I found it lasted a reasonable amount of time on my lips, but as it doesn't dry down like a liquid lip it does need reapplying throughout the day.

PS Brow Fixing Gel in Light Brown & Dark Brown - £1 reduced to 50p each for 7ml.
I thought this may be a bargain version of Benefits Gimme Brow, but its not.  The brush is bigger and makes it hard to be precise.  I have sparse brows, so I need a tool that will help me create a subtle, natural look and these products definitely did not do that.  In the end they made my brows look clumpy and the colour was patchy.  It didn't help that the dark brown was way too dark for me and the light brown has red undertones which did not match my brows at all.
Primark Beauty Brand Review
PS NUDES 3PK Blender Sponge - £2 for 2 sponges
I have to admit the packaging is spot on, really stylish for Primark.  The sponges look good too and I especially love the two-tone sponge.  I like the fact that you get a normal egg shaped sponge and one with a flat end which is useful. Unfortunately, they just weren't soft enough and didn't expand when wet like my beauty blender.  They did an ok job of applying foundation, but nowhere near as good as my beauty blender so I think I am gonna stick with that. 

PS Chocolate Lip Kit in Crème Caramel - £3
This is a great value set with a lip pencil and lip gloss.  The packaging and the lip gloss is very reminiscent of Too Faced Melted Lipstick.  The lip pencil is a nice creamy consistency that applies easily onto your lips, although its just a smidge harder than I would like.  The applicator has an angled faux velvet tip which makes it easy to apply.  The colour has a slightly metallic sheen when swatched and it also looks darker than when I apply it onto my lips.  It looks too light on me and the metallic shade does not come across when on the lips.  It feels rich and creamy and lasts well, but overall its just a shade too light for me.
Primark Haul
MOXI Eyecatcher Cleansing and Correcting Buds (Usually £4 reduced to £1 for 24)
I find these really useful for removing eye makeup when you make a mistake.  They are cotton buds pre-filled with a makeup remover including vitamin E, Aloe & Coconut Oil.  You break one end of the cotton bud to release the formula and use the other end to correct your makeup.  There are 24 individually wrapped buds.  I know you can just use makeup remover on normal cotton buds if you want to, but I like to use these for the convenience and at £1 they are great value.

I think Primark offers a great range of products at a budget price.  I don't shop in Primark very often (just because I don't have a Primark where I work and I don't often go to town on a weekend to shop nowadays) but when I do go in there always seems to be loads of great products and their skin and beauty ranges just keep getting better.    I think there are some great products above and truthfully there are some naff products (but isn't that always the case with Primark).  I love that they are always bring out new ranges to try out that don't break the bank.

Let me know what Primark beauty products you love.


I bought these products with my own money


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