Latest Primark Haul

Whoops I did it again (I'm sure I've used that line before probably many times when I've bought things I don't really need).  Anyway this is my latest (smallish) Primark Haul (it's lethal working in a city centre).
Latest Primark Haul
I loved the 2 bags above designed by Henry Holland for House of Holland.  They are £3 each and made with sustainable cotton.  It's nice to see Primark selling products that are ethical as they haven't always had the best press for their working practises.  I think there are 4 bags in the range but I can't remember what the other ones were.
Latest Primark Haul
I think Primark knock it out of the park with their Disney range.  This jewellery is so lovely and features Beauty and The Beast, Alice in Wonderland and Mickey and Minnie.  These were £3 each.  I can't imagine how much you would pay at WDW or the Disney store for this type of thing.  The rings come is such nice packaging as well.  These would make great gifts for your Disney friends.  Read about my last Primark Disney haul here.
Latest Primark Haul
I couldn't resist picking up this My Little Pony notebook.  I am aiming to become more organised so this will be my to do list notebook.  This cost £1 reduced from £3.
Latest Primark Haul
And finally, a few more things from their beauty and skincare range.  I bought a PS Lip Care Moisturising Gel Patch for £1.50 and 2 PS Foaming Bubble Masks (Brightening and Cleansing) for 80p each.  All were made in South Korea.  I bet people are spending a fortune on K Beauty and not realising that you can pick up some really cheap items in Primark.  I also bought another Holler and Glow Face Mask this one is a Charcoal Mask.  I've heard so much about charcoal face masks that I couldn't wait to try one out.  This one was £1 reduced from £3.  Next was a 30 pack of eyeshadow shields.  You pop them under your eyes before applying eye makeup so if there is any fallout it doesn't ruin the rest of your makeup.  These were £1.50.  Lastly I saw this Rose Konjac Set which includes a Konjac sponge and a face cloth.  This was £3 which is a great price.

Well that's all for this haul.  Let me know what you have picked up at Primark recently.

If you are interested in reading about my Primark Beauty Brand review check it out here.

I bought these products with my own money


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