Money Saving Referral Links

Continuing on with my money saving tips I thought I would also include some of my referral links.  Typically referral links offer you some kind of money saving as well as an incentive for the person whose referral link it is.  I think this is a good way for both parties to get some money off their next purchase.  I did think about whether it was a bit cheeky to list my referral links, but at the end of the day they are there to be used if someone wants them.  Hopefully some of you will find a useful link that will save you some money or give you some kind of incentive.   I will list what the current incentive is for both parties next to the link.  There is no pressure to use any links but they are there if anyone would like to use them. Please rest assured that I am only including referral links where I use the company on a regular basis and I am really happy with the service I receive.
Money Saving Referral Links

Glossier - Get 10% off your first order using this link (I will receive a £10 store credit).

SpaceNK - Use my code to receive £10 off your first online order with Space NK, plus free delivery using this link (I will receive £10 off and free delivery).

Petplan - If you leave me your name, email address and pets name in the comments section (I won't post the comment).   I can refer you and you get 2 months insurance free and I get a £20 voucher for M&S.  I have all my pets insured with Petplan and I must admit I would never move to any other insurance company.  I have had to make a fair number of claims over the years and Petplan have never once rejected a claim or been difficult to deal with.  

Glasses Direct - I always get my glasses from Glasses Direct as they have some great offers and the glasses are great quality.  You can get £30 off your first order using this link (I will receive a £15 Amazon voucher).

Cineworld if you use my referral code RAF-92XU-83YM-47CV-85MN both of us will receive one month's free membership.  You can apply here.  I do love going to the cinema and with this card I can go as many times as I like which is great.

Sky - if you leave me your name and email in the comments section (I won't post the comment) I can refer you and we both get a £50 prepaid mastercard.  I have used Sky TV for as long as I can remember and find all my favourite shows here.  I don't think the basic package is a bad price either.

NPower - I have been a customer of NPower for a couple of years now.  I check each year to see which is the best Gas and Electricity company to go with and the last couple of years it's been NPower.  I always recommend that people go to a comparison site to check which is the best company for them if they want to save money before using a referral code, but if you do find that NPower is the best one for you and want to use my referral link it's here.  If you use the referral link we both get up to £40 on an Amazon gift card.  I am going to put up a post on how to check which is the best gas and electricity company for you soon.

Here are some links to some cashback sites that may earn you cashback on online purchases (I always check if there are any cashback offers on these sites before shopping online).

Quidco  - please use my referral link here.  If you don't already use Quidco you could be missing out of some easy money whenever you shop online.  I check out all my insurance and holiday bookings through Quidco to see if I can get any cashback and it soon adds up.  I get £10 for any referrals.  I have earned quite a decent amount on Quidco over the years all for just a few minutes time spent checking if the company you are buying from offers cashback.

TopCashBack please use my referral link here.  I usually check between TopCashBack and Quidco to see who has the best cashback.  I get £5 for any referrals.

Another great way of earning extra cash is by filling out surveys.  Check out my post about the sites I use here.

Hopefully you will find some of the above useful and can share your own referral links with friends and family as well.


This is NOT a sponsored post


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