Candles Sniffs & Gifts Candle Warmer and Aldi Candles

I used to collect candles when I was younger, but I never burned any of them because I was so scared of burning the house down, so eventually I got rid of all my candles and moved on.  Recently, I have become obsessed with candles again, probably after finding a Facebook page called Bath and Body Works Fans UK.  Everyone on this page raves about B&BW candles, so my interest in candles started to pique again.  I was still concerned about accidental fires, but then people on this page mentioned candle warmers and how they wouldn't go back to burning candles after using a candle warmer, so I though I would give one a try.
Candles Sniffs & Gifts Candle Warmers and Aldi Candles
There were lots of recommendations for Candles Sniffs & Gifts, so I ordered one from there.  I bought the Silver Electric Candle Warmer Lantern Lamp for £22.99 plus £3.99 shipping.  Candle Warmers allow you to use candles without having to light the wick.  The candle warmer comes with a 35 watt halogen bulb and you simply plug it in and put the candle in the middle of the lantern.  You can use the dimmer switch to control how fast the candle melts and when a large pool of wax has formed I usually turn the dimmer down and enjoy the scent of the candle until it hardens back up.  I usually let the wax pool to 1/2 an inch and it's a good idea to let the wax melt to the same level with every use.  Once you can no longer smell the candle it's time to remove the liquid wax (either by soaking it up in a cotton ball or by pouring it out (don't pour it down the sink plug hole as it will harden back up and block the pipes). 

Using a candle warmer is cleaner, safer and makes your candle last much longer than burning.  You can use any type of candle with or without a wick.

Now onto the Aldi candles.  There has been so much hype on social media surrounding these 'Jo Malone' dupes, but are they any good?  First of all I should say that I have never tried a Jo Malone candle, so I can't compare the two.  I bought all 3 candles from Aldi - Blackberry Bay, Lime Basil and Mandarin & Pomegranate Noir (which is my favourite Jo Malone fragrance).  They all smell gorgeous before they have been warmed.  Once they are warmed up, the standout candle for me is the Blackberry Bay one.  The fragrance fills the entire room and is so lovely and fruity.  In fact I like this one so much that I will definitely try out the Jo Malone perfume, as I have really fallen in love with this scent.  I highly doubt I will spend £40+ for a Jo Malone candle, but I would definitely fork out for the perfume.

The other 2 candles haven't wowed me up till now, the throw is not brilliant compared to the Blackberry Bay candle.  I will give them another chance though and if anything changes I will update the post.  For £3.99 I will definitely repurchase the Blackberry Bay candle, but I wouldn't bother buying the other 2 candles.  The Aldi candles are available in store permanently, so it's definitely worth buying one if you want to check them out.  The packaging is very classy and minimal and it's doubtful if anyone would think they were as cheap as they actually are.  Aldi has also come out with some Reed Diffusers that are dupes of Jo Malone fragrances, so I will be reviewing them on my blog soon.


I bought these products with my own money


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