Colourpop Haul - Ultra Glossy & Ultra Metallic Lip

I recently took advantage of the free international postage to place yet another Colourpop order (check out my previous Colourpop hauls here and here). Here's what I bought:
Colourpop Hau
I bought 3 Ultra Metallic Lips which were not available when I placed my first order.
Colourpop Haul - Ultra Metallic Lip
From Left to Right: 3-Way, Kween & Man Eater
I bought 4 Ultra Glossy Lips and 1 Ultra Satin Lip and again these were not available at the time I placed my first order.
Colourpop Haul - Ultra Glossy Lip
From Left to Right: Wolfie, Casino, Master Plan, Finders Keepers and Molly
I also bought 2 more Lippie Stix in the shade Lumiere as I really liked this from my first order so I wanted a couple of backups.  I really like the metallic and glossy lips as they are much easier to wear than the matte lips that I previously bought.

The total cost of my order was $58 which is approximately £40.  I also had to pay a customs charge of £8.75 and £8 Royal Mail International handling fee which I was expecting, but you do need to factor in custom charges when you place the order so you don't get a nasty surprise.  I think I would only place an order when Colourpop are offering free international delivery.

I have now had 3 orders from Colourpop and whilst delivery has been pretty quick I have had 1 missing item & 1 eye shadow broke in transit (although it was easily pressed back into place) in previous orders and 1 lip product did leak in this order and also I have noticed that at least 1 item has been mislabeled. That being said I haven't bothered to contact Colourpop to complain about this so I cannot comment about their customer service.  Overall the products are great for the price.


I bought these products with my own money


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