Vita CoCo Coconut Oil Review

I have heard so many good things about coconut oil and it's uses, but have never actually tried it, so I was happy to receive the Vita CoCo Coconut Oil* to try out.  
Vita Coco Coconut Oil Review
Coconut oil is great as it has numerous uses and does not contain any nasties. So far I have used it to cleanse my face which works really well.  I just scoop some of the hardened oil out off the tub and melt it in my hands before applying it to my face.  I then use a cleansing cloth to wipe it off.  It removes a good deal of my makeup and I just need some eye makeup remover to remove the last little bits of my mascara.  At first I thought it might be difficult to use for beauty related things as it's hard in the tub (unless you live in a warm environment where it would melt), but it was incredibly easy to melt in my hands and it's not messy at all.  

It obviously smells of coconut which always reminds me of summer holidays and is much nicer than the strong fragrances of some cleansers.

I also use coconut oil as a lip balm, hair/scalp treatment, moisturiser and cuticle oil.  I love how versatile this product is and of course you can also use this oil for cooking and baking.  For more tips and to claim a free sample check out

What other uses have you found for Coconut Oil?


*I was sent this product to review but the opinions are my own


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