Beauty Advent Calendars Days 1 - 6

I bought 3 Beauty Advent Calendars this year, Charlotte Tilbury, Clarins and M&S. Here's what was in each advent calendar in the first 6 days.

Day 1 - Goddess Skin Clay Mask - 15ml (worth £9)
Day 2 - Charlotte's Magic Cream - 15ml (worth £21)
Day 3 - Wonder Glow - 15ml (worth £14.44)
Day 4 - Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise - On The Prowl - 2.5g (This and the mini eye pencil below retails for £29 for the set)
Day 5 - Rock N Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil - Supernova - 0.8g
Day 6 -Lip Magic - 5ml (full size worth £25)
Total Value £98.44

I am really pleased with the first 6 products in this box as I have wanted to try most of them and the eyeshadow, whilst not necessarily the colour I would have chosen (see swatches below), is a great colour for the party season.
Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic

Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise - On The Prowl & Rock N Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil - Supernova

Day 1 - Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - 4ml (worth £7.06)
Day 2 - Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil - 2ml (worth £2.13)
Day 3 - Instant Eye Make-Up Remover - 10ml (worth £1.52)
Day 4 - Instant Concealer - 5ml (worth £7.17)
Day 5 - Super Moisture Balm - 5ml (worth £2.90)
Day 6 - Tonic Body Treatment Oil - 2ml (worth £0.80)
Total value £21.58

I probably would not have bought the Clarins Beauty Advent Calendar without the GWP items that came with the order as the sizes are pretty small (although in all fairness to Clarins, they did list the contents and sizes of the items included in the calendar).  I think deluxe samples would be more appropriate to include than the free samples that you can get with every order, but as I said I was happy with the freebies that came with the calendar, so I can't complain.
Clarins Beauty Advent Calendar

Day 1 - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Geranium & Neroli - 40ml (worth £8)
Day 2 - Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - 15g (worth £6)
Day 3 - Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion - 100ml (worth £6.67)
Day 4 - Pur Volume Vixen Mascara - 4.8ml (worth £9)
Day 5 - Leighton Denny Renovate Nair repair Cream - 10ml (worth £13)
Day 6 - Nuit Parfum  EDP - 15ml (worth £7)
Total Value £49.67.

This is the best value calendar by far and has already surpassed the £20 that I paid for it.  
M&S Beauty Advent Calendar

All in all I'm pretty happy with these calendars. Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite, followed closely by M&S which is a great value box.  Clarins is the only one that I kind of regret buying, but it is nice to get a chance to try out more of their products.


I bought these with my own money.


  1. I didn't buy any advent calendar this year & am kind of regretting it now, especially seeing this post! You got some great products xx


  2. m really happy with the ones I bought they had some fab products. M&S was my favourite.


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