IN.FUSED Coconut Coffee Body Scrub Review

I know I have said this before, but I do love subscribing to beauty boxes such as Birchbox and You Beauty Discovery as they are a great way of finding out about lots of brands that you don't see in places like Boots or Superdrug.  One such brand is IN.FUSED and I received a sample of their Coconut Coffee Scrub from You Beauty Discovery.
IN.FUSED Coconut Coffee Scrub
I have to admit that I was slightly taken aback when I opened the packet and what looked like coffee grinds landed in the palm of my hand.  I know it's called Coconut COFFEE Scrub, but I guess I just wasn't expecting so much coffee.  It also smells strongly of coffee, which I like (even though I don't actually like drinking coffee). As I said the scrub is mostly coffee, but you can also see dried coconut flakes and sugar granules.
IN.FUSED Coconut Coffee Scrub
You simply dampen your skin and apply enough to cover your whole body, then massage the scrub into your skin.  Leave on for 7-10 minutes, then rinse off with a light body wash.  The scrub is grainy enough to feel on your skin without being harsh and my skin did feel soft and moisturised after drying off and there was a noticeable difference on my elbows and knees which are usually very dry and need extra moisturiser after a bath.  I didn't have to use a moisturiser after using this scrub which is great.

Would I buy this again?  No I wouldn't purely because it makes a bit of a mess being dry and very dark and mainly because I then had to stand in the bath for 10 minutes as I didn't want to get the product all over the bathroom floor.  I think this product would be great at a spa, where I don't have to clean up afterwards.  That being said, the results were pretty good, so it's worth trying out if you don't mind the mess.  It costs £18.99 for 200g and all the ingredients are natural (the ingredients are listed on the website).

The mission of IN.FUSED is to detoxify, exfoliate and cleanse the body of common ailments the natural way without parabens and preservatives.  They do not test on animals and the products are handcrafted in the heart of London.

Whilst I won't be repurchasing the scrub, I would definitely like to try out the IN.FUSED Detox Bath Soaks (£19 for 100g) which look very relaxing which is right up my street.

Have you tried IN.FUSED?

I bought this with my own money


  1. I need to try more body scrubs that's for sure, loved your honest review but this is definitely too messy and expensive for my taste

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  2. Coconut & coffee sound like such a good blend but I agree, it seems way too messy. Don't have time to be dealing with that on a morning!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Jessica Grace

  3. It is expensive but its all natural which is good so if it hadn't been so messy I would definitely repurchase. I would prefer a liquid scrub to be honest.


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