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When I saw the Netflix Tag I couldn't wait to get involved as I love, love, love TV and I really love Netflix as it means that I can binge watch some of my favourite shows.  This is the first tag that I have been involved with so thanks to Vicky over at beingtillysmummy for tagging me.  I have had Netflix since last year, primarily because I wanted to watch Arrested Development Season 4 which was only available on Netflix and also because all the seasons of Breaking Bad were available, so I decided to finally find out what all the fuss was about that show.  I have found some great shows and films to watch on Netflix so the £5.99 charge per month is a bargain as far as I am concerned.

Anyway lets get on with the questions.

All Time Favourite
This is an easy one although I do have 2 answers.  My favourite TV show is most definitely The Killing (the US version).  I binge watched the whole 4 seasons worth of 44 episodes in 1 week and I was so addicted to it and enjoyed it so much that I have already started rewatching the first season.  I think what drew me in at first was the partnership of the 2 main characters who are so mismatched but totally work.  I reviewed the show here.

My favourite film on Netflix is definitely In Your Eyes.  It was one of those films that appears in your list of things you might want to watch when you log onto Netflix.  I totally ignored it as I had never heard of it and I read the description and it didn't grab me.  I must have been bored one day, so I started watching it and I stayed up late (on a work night no less) to finish watching it.  It's a romance between two totally mismatched characters who don't even meet in person until the last scene in the movie.  I have watched it at least 10 times since because I love it so much.  The chemistry between the 2 leads is amazing, especially as they hardly share any screen time.  See my review of the movie here.

Current Addiction
I am really enjoying Life Unexpected about a teenager who was brought up in foster care finally reconnecting with her birth parents.  It's really funny and interesting and the main character Lux is almost more of an adult than her 30 something parents.

Wish List
There are so many shows that I would love to binge watch on Netflix including True Blood, Scandal and Hart of Dixie to name a few.

Pet Peeve
I hate the page that lists all the shows you might be interested in, because so many of them are repeated in different lists.  

Marathon Essentials
Comfy pjs, a bottle of Pepsi and some snacks are all I need for a night of binge watching.

What's on your watch list?
So much stuff.  I still haven't got around to watching more than the first season of Breaking Bad and I also want to watch Better Call Saul when I have finished BB. There is also Daredevil, Only God Forgives, Pretty Little Liars, Bloodline, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black Season 3 when its available in June and White Collar to name a few.

You Should Watch
The Killing, Homeland, Friday Night Lights, Arrested Development, Orange Is The New Black, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Blackfish, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, In Your Eyes, A Long Way Down, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly.

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