The Library of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray Review

I was recently sent a bottle of The Library of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray* to review.  It was really hard to choose which one I wanted to try out as there are so many that appeal to me. These are the ones that piqued my interest.
  • Sunshine
  • Salt Air
  • Fresh Coconut (I hope this one evokes summer holidays)
  • Stable (sounds weird I know, but I love the smell of horses so I am interested to see how it translates into a fragrance)
  • Clean Skin
  • Snow
Sunshine was top of my list so I was really pleased when it arrived.  It was very appropriate as it came during the mini heatwave we recently had.
The Library of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray
Here's how Sunshine is described:  What does our Sunshine smell like? Think of your favourite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt, warmed by the sun and summer skin, with just a hint of suntan lotion.

I like the description and I really love the smell of Sunshine as it evokes memories of hot summer days.  It's fresh and warm and puts me in a good mood just by smelling it. It's a light scent which is very wearable and just needs respraying a couple of times throughout the day.   I'm really pleased I received Sunshine as it is a great scent to start out with.  I will definitely be looking to buy some more from this range.  

The Library of Fragrance Cologne Sprays cost £15 for 30ml and 28 of the most popular scents are available in 400 Boots stores nationwide and also online. There is currently a 2 for £25 offer on at the moment instore and online.  The full collection of 101 scents is available to buy direct from The Library of Fragrance website.

You can also layer the scents and it is suggested that Sunshine works really well with Grass and/or Peach Colognes.  Details of how to layer the scents can be found here.  I tried the Grass and Sunshine combo recently in Boots and they really work well together (Grass is pretty nice on its own as well).

I have to say that there are some weird and wonderful scents to try out in this range and some of the ones that I am intrigued by are Dirt, Paperback, Play-Doh, Holy Water, Marshmallow, Pizza, Thunderstorm and Saddle.

Have you tried out any Library of Fragrance Cologne Sprays?  Let me know what you think of them.  I can see myself building up a collection of them this year.

*I received this product free, but this is my honest opinion of the product and I have not received any payment.


  1. Really want to try some of these scents from this range. Very unique

  2. I've been reading a lot about this range and they all sound amazing - I'm going to have to hunt some of them down in Boots!

  3. Let me know which scents you like the best as there are some really nice ones Leighlee

  4. Never tried these, so different and unique! I love the smell of coconut and would love to try the Fresh Coconut. :)

  5. Tea I definitely recommend these fragrances. I will be purchasing more.


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