Facetheory Cleanser and Toner Review

Blog Post Edited 31/03/2015 - Please note that this review was originally posted on 11th January 2015. Since that time Foryou Skincare has been rebranded and relaunched under a new name which is Facetheory.  The packaging has been changed but the products are the same.

Facetheory is a new British Brand that produces performance driven, personalised skincare.  I initially became aware of this brand on Facebook and was lucky enough to be chosen to review their M4 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. After reviewing the product I received a £5 voucher (which I wasn't expecting) to use online.   

I filled in their online questionnaire and it was recommended that I try the T2 Sensitive Toner (for all skin types) and the C12 Signature Cleanser (for combination skin). Both these products are offered as a 10ml travel sample as well as full size so you can try out the products without spending loads of cash.  
Foryou Skincare C12 Combination Cleanser and T2 Sensitive Toner Review
The C1 cleanser contains avocado, coconut oil and silk to nourish and hydrate your skin. This is a creamy, fragrance free cleanser that you rub onto a damp face and then simply wash off.  My skin was left clean and free of makeup after one wash and my skin did not feel tight or dry afterwards. The C1 Signature Cleanser costs £2 for 10ml and £12.50 for 100ml.

I followed this with the T2 toner which contains aloe vera, grapefruit and witch hazel. This combination softens and cools the skin whilst clearing imperfections.  Simply apply the toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe it around your face.  This felt very gentle and refreshing and is also unfragranced.  It left my skin feeling very clean without any stinging and drying out.  The T2 Sensitive Toner costs £2 for 10ml and £15 for 100ml.

Overall, I thought these products worked really well and I would definitely buy the full sized versions when I am in need of a new cleanser and toner.  I will definitely be buying the exfoliator to try out next.

This is a new brand that only has a limited number of products available on their website at the moment, but I see that as a good thing as it means they take time to create products that work, rather than just flooding the market with a wide array of products all at once.   I love the fact that they offer travel sized samples in order to let you try out the brand for a couple of pounds and I also like the fact that they have an online questionnaire which will guide you to the products most suited to your skin.

Facetheory never test on animals and never use parabens or PEGS.  In addition every product is covered by a money back guarantee.  If you don't like the product they will refund you 100% less any shipping costs and you don't have to return the product to them.  That really is a case of a company having faith in the quality of their products.

Right now if you sign up to their weekly beauty email, you can get 20% off your first order and delivery is free.

Have you tried any products from Facetheory?

I did receive these products free as I was sent a £5 voucher, but I was not asked or obligated to review these products by the company.


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  2. Hi Jasmine Thanks for your comment, I really do like this brand and I am interested to see what other products they come up with

  3. I love learning about new skincare brands! Hopefully these will make it to the international market at some point. :-)

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  4. Hi Kimmy Its a really nice brand and I can't wait to try out some more of their products


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