Essence Makeup Haul

Here is my first ever Essence Makeup Haul.  Essence is a cosmetics brand that I have not heard much about, but Wilkinson has a 3 for 2 offer on right now, so I thought that I would pick up a few products to test them out.  You can check out Essence Cosmetics website here.  Here's what I bought:
Essence Makeup Haul

The Essence Blush Up Powder Blush in the shade 10 Heat Wave is the first product that caught my eye, mainly because it's an ombre blush.  I have coveted an ombre blush ever since I saw a limited edition Mac blush that I couldn't get my hands on. This one is a lot cheaper at £3.50 and it's a rather nice product.  It's quite fine and not dusty at all and has a great colour payoff. As you can see from the photo below you get 3 colours from one blush.  There is a lovely bright orange colour at one side and a hot pink colour at the other. Mix them together and you get a lovely coral colour.  I don't normally wear blush this bright, but with a light hand all these colours can work, especially in summer.   There's no shimmer in it, which is another plus point. I am really happy with this product.
Essence Makeup Haul Essence Blush Up Powder Blush in the shade 10 Heat Wave
Next up is the Essence 3D Eyeshadow in Irresistible Chocolates.  This cost £2.80. On one side is a metallic gold colour and on the other side is a dark gold with some fine glitter particles.  Again these are fine, non powdery shadows that blend easily and make for a great smokey eye.  Even without a primer they lasted for a good couple of hours, especially the darker one (that's good for me as I have oily eyelids.  I'm sure if you use a primer it will last much longer).   There's good colour payoff from both colours.  Again, I am happy with this product.
Essence Makeup Haul Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistible Chocolates
The next product that caught my eye was the Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Over the Taupe.  This has 4 neutral colours of varying shades and they all have a bit of shimmer in them.  Sadly this product did not work for me at all. The shadows are all powdery and the colour payoff is not very good, especially on the 2 lighter colours which barely show up on the photo below.  This cost £3.  I won't be keeping this as I know I won't use it. 
Essence Makeup Haul Essence Quattro eyeshadow Over the Taupe
I picked up 2 nail polishes and they are actually pretty decent. The coral (109 Off to Miami) cost £1.60 and needed 2 coats and the blue (07 blue-jeaned) cost £2 and only needed 1 coat.  They both chipped after 2 or 3 days, but that's normal for me no matter which brand I use.  I will definitely pick up some more polishes from Essence as I really like them.
Essence Makeup Haul Essence Nail Polish 109 Off to Miami
This polish has a top coat on it in this photo
Essence Makeup Haul Essence Nail Polish 07 blue-jeaned
This polish does not have a top coat over it
Finally, I picked up a french polish brush (included in photo at top of page) that cost £1.60.  I'm not really sure why I bought this as I generally don't french polish my nails, but I will give it a try and see if it works.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchases and the 6 items came to a grand total of £10.10 (saving £4.40).

Have you tried Essence makeup?

I bought these with my own money and the link is not sponsored.


  1. Wow this stuff looks great! It's so shallow but I always get turned off by the packaging with Essence...the blusher especially looks sooo much nicer swatched than in the packaging

  2. I desperately want to go out and get some new essence products, i'm seriously excited!

  3. That essence blush reminds me of a brighter version of the MAC LE ombre blushes that came out around spring/summer. Very cool!

  4. Essence color & go - my fav polishes - fast drying, cheap and ok quality!

  5. I use essence make up, they are so cheap but the quallity is great. :)

  6. I love essence! I have that same ombre blush and I just adore it so much.


  7. wow, love essence and nail polish!!!

  8. Lovely haul with beautiful products!

  9. I love essence! I have the coral nail polish and I really love it! :)

  10. love blue elettric of nail polish! *___*

  11. I've buyed Blush Up! ...and it's amazing! :D


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