Update on My Challenges for 2014

Back in December (if you can remember that far back) I set myself some challenges for 2014,  I haven't really posted much about them since then apart from my shopping ban so I thought I would do a quick update and hopefully motivate myself to complete more of them.

Here's my original list below and I will add an update to each line.
  1. Watch 50 DVDs from my collection and then give them away. I haven't made much progress with this one as I have so much to watch on Sky+ and I have recently joined Netflix.  I have only watched 9 DVDs so far.
  2. Sort out 100 items to get rid of (either sell, throw away or giveaway). This can be any type of item and is all part of the decluttering process. I need to work out how many I've done on this one as I haven't kept a record.
  3. Read 10 books from my collection (I know I am so behind the times, I recently bought a kindle but most of my books are still paperback and take up alot of room). My hope is to finish all the books and pass them on to friends and family. 10 is an achievable target, but I will extend it if I manage the 10 in a short period of time. I have now read 10 and I am going to extend this to 20 by the end of the year.
  4. Read all the old magazines that I have bought in the last year (mainly bought for the free gifts).  I paid good money for them so I am going to read them all.  I will do a count of all the magazines in the house and update this post when I know how many I need to get through.  I've read 16 so far and I am going to set myself a target of 25 by the end of the year (there is no point of putting the total number of magazines I own as its keeps increasing with all the great freebies that are being included).
  5. Finish 100 beauty or toiletry products (I will do empties posts along the way).  This challenge is now complete as I have now finished 106 and here's a link to my last empties post here
  6. Lose 1 stone in weight (I really need to lose more, but this is an achievable target).  This one is still a work in progress. I have joined a gym a month ago so am hoping to see some results soon.
  7. Pay off my credit card debt (I won't post the amount on my blog but I will update how much has been paid off as a percentage).  The debt is not horrendous and was mainly due to my holiday to LA this year, but I have been relying on interest free credit cards for years and I want to spend 2014 living within my means and not putting frivolous items on my credit card. My credit card debt is now on one interest free card and I need to work out how much I need to pay off each month in order to clear it off before the end of the interest free period.
  8. 30 day no spend – after the sales have finished (I can't deny myself shopping in the sales, I am not strong enough), I am challenging myself to a 30 day no spend period, where I can't buy any unnecessary items including makeup, clothes and toiletries.  I have already stocked up on the necessities, so I shouldn't have to go shopping at all during the 30 day period.  I may extend the 30 day period if all goes to plan. This challenge is now complete.  I managed a 60 day no spend Yay Me. I did have a bad start and broke my ban in January when the Boots 70% sale started, but managed to start again and did 60 days.
  9. Earn £50 from completing online surveys.  I have completed this challenge. I'm really pleased with this one as I've managed to get £75 in vouchers so far this year. I wrote a post last year listing some sites that you can sign up to here if anyone is interested.
  10. When the 30 day no spend is up I will adopt a 1 in 1 out policy.  If I buy something that I don't need, then I will have to get rid of 1 similar item. At least that way I am not adding to my stash.  I have failed this one as I haven't kept track of things so this is one I'm not going to complete.
  11. 50km on my exercise bike.  I'm embarrassed to say I'm only on 41km so far at home this year (I do more at the gym but they don't count for this challenge).
  12. Paint my nails a different colour at least once a week and use up 10 nail polishes. As I'm trying to improve the condition of my nails this year I'm not going to complete this challenge.
  13. Sell 100 items on Ebay (this is linked to challenge 2, but I am keeping it separate to keep track of how much I manage to sell next year). All the items sold, will be things that I already own.  I will not be buying items specifically to sell for this challenge.  I have sold 81 items so far this year.
  14. 30 days - no chocolate. I have completed this challenge.  I was surprised that I managed to complete this one as I'm a total chocoholic but I'm pleased I did.
  15. 30 days - no fizzy drinks (chocolate and fizzy drinks are my addictions, so I want to see if I can live without them).  I have recently completed this challenge which was by far the hardest one for me as I love my Pepsi's
  16. Use up 100 samples of beauty products (I am pretty sure I have at least 100 samples of beauty products stashed around the house).  Ive used up 98 so far so nearly there.
I am happy with what I have completed so far this year.  I could have done better but overall I think I have done ok.  I have completed 5 and 3 are nearly there so I'm hopeful that by the end of the year all the others will be complete (apart from the 2 I have mentioned failing above).

Have you set yourselves any challenges this year?  Leave me a comment or a link your posts.


  1. Sounds like your right on track! :)
    The £70 of vouchers is so impressive.
    I'll definitely take a look at that post

  2. These are some great goals, especially the using up samples! I am terrible for keeping things and buying stuff and then not using them. Need to use before I buy more!


  3. Wow! Loved this. It was so great to see what you've accomplished. Makes me want to try something like this. :-)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments

  5. I gave up Pepsi Max on December 31st. I used to drink a litre a day! Withdrawal was bad, I had 3 days of headaches and a migraine. I now don't touch the stuff. I have had 1 can this year, about April time, and I really disliked it - it tasted so artificial. I guess my taste buds have changed and I am happy about that.

  6. I have to say after I had finished the challenge the first cans of Pepsi I had did not taste as good as I thought they would. I will definitely try and drink less fizzy drinks now (although I have been bad this last week as I was on holiday and the weather has been so hot).


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